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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication - Leonardo da Vinci

We are The Creative bunch of independent thinkers — the real craftsman who tailor ideas to useable solutions with precision. We want to make a difference in the lives of our users by creating simple solutions for complex needs.

About Us BitQueues Team

We derive happiness from the fact that our solutions make a difference and are simplifying lives for our users worldwide. Profits are just an added perk! We invest our own capital for research and development of our ideas into solutions and are not driven by the need for profits, but a vision that our solutions will make life easier for people from all spheres in life.

We strongly believe if a solution serves its purpose and in time is loved by its users, they make sure it thrives and support it with love. To love is Human, and we believe in that human touch. We are not in for short term gains, but to work long term and build reliable and trusted solutions that will last a lifetime and make us proud. We all have decades of experience in our areas, building things from scratch, and are passionate about our ideas and solutions. We have had our share of experiences and are also watchful of lessons learned from the past. We are honest, truthful & take our work seriously and strive for excellence.

We are sure you will love our solutions, However, if you have anything to say, any suggestion; we eagerly wait to get any messages from our users as that indicates we continue to move forward and make a difference in the world by our small contributions. If you have any feedback or suggestions, Please feel free to drop us a line at letstalk [at] bitqueues.com

Be a part of a Great Team!

At present we do not have any active openings for any specific roles at Bit Queues, but we are always open and glad to hear from talented and unique people around the world who might find it interesting and feel can bring something unique to the team. If you feel you possess a unique personality and have a world-class skill set, then we would be interested in hearing, how you can make a difference. Please submit your cover letter and résumé via email to us at letstalk [at] bitqueues.com


BitQueues Software

At BitQueues, we’re passionate about developing simplistic, beautifully designed, time-saving apps loved by our users spanning over 81 countries worldwide.

help [at] bitqueues.com

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