About us

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication - Leonardo da Vinci

At BitQueues we create software that brings us back in touch with simplicity

BitQueues – Bit by Bit following queues = freedom from chaos.

About us BitqueuesInstead of boggling our mind with multiple things, we believe in the simplicity of life. By handling things a bit at a time and in sequence. Our approach is to develop software solutions that take the chaos out of the daily life and makes things simpler for better. Solutions that make you feel at ease and take the digital stress out of our lives.

Life today has become more hectic for all, with everyone expected to do multitasking. But all it leads to is tons of stress and chaos. We decided to take the bit by bit and arranging items in queues approach to control this clutter and confusion faced by many while using the software. We think of our solutions as a user would, we do not develop, but use our solutions. What could be a better way to test and innovate, but to use our own products to get the first-hand experience. If we feel they do make a difference for us, only then we put them out for the end users.

Reducing the clutter does not lead to simplicity. However, no clutter is a result of simplicity. Creating products to remove clutter is not that simple. Our decades of experience in designing and developing excellent apps reflects everything we do. Simplicity takes much effort as there are too many complexities involved to make things simple. However, we have always taken up tough challenges to deliver simple solutions which make a bit of a difference in lives of thousands of our users worldwide.

We are sure you will love our solutions, However, if you have anything to say, any suggestion; we eagerly to get any messages from our users as that indicates we continue to move forward and make a difference in the world by our small contributions. If you have any feedback or suggestions, so feel free to drop us a line at letstalk [at] bitqueues.com


Join Bitqueues TeamBe a part of a Great Team!

At present we do not have any active openings for any specific roles at Bit Queues, but we are always open and glad to hear from talented and unique people around the world who might find it interesting and feel can bring something unique to the team. If you feel you possess a unique personality and have a world-class skill set, then we would be interested in hearing, how you can make a difference. Please submit your cover letter and résumé via email to us at letstalk [at] bitqueues.com