Canned Responses Ultimate for Gmail & Gsuite

Respond to Repetitive mails 10x faster! Improve Personal & Team Productivity with Shared Canned Responses for Teams!
  • Create & Categorise unlimited Canned Responses in Gmail with Attachments
  • Create perfectly formatted canned emails Gmail with embedded images in Rich Text / Html
  • Simply copy-paste content and retain perfect formatting while you create email template in Gmail
  • One-click Sharing & management of Google canned responses with team members
  • Quickly search for personal and shared canned email response templates by keywords
  • Preset From/To/cc/bcc/Subject fields to auto-populate for an individual response or inherit settings from category
  • Canned Responses for Gmail Now accessible on Mobile devices running Android

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Canned Response Ultimate’s use of information received from Google APIs will adhere to the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

Canned Response Gmail Create email template in gmail

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Enable the Power features that were missing in canned messages Gmail!

Canned Response Ultimate helps Gmail & G-suite for business users save time, improve productivity for teams & individuals alike! Our users have reported up to 10 times improvement in response times.
Share Canned Response templates in Gmail with teams

Share Canned Responses with Team

Not only you can set up canned responses for personal use but can share and manage canned responses with your team members in only a few clicks. The Shared canned responses will auto-populate in the list of your team members and any shared with you vice-versa. It helps save a lot of time to set up and manage copy edited canned responses from a single point. It’s a handy feature when more than one members need access to the same set of canned responses for teams.

Create email template in Gmail & Organise under Categories

You are no longer limited to creating 40 responses limit set in default Google Canned Response feature. You can create unlimited responses in Rich Text/HTML format and organise them under different categories. You can define different categories as per the response types — eg, Product info, Sales, Support, Accounting, etc.

Create email template gmail
Canned Responses with Attachments for Gmail , canned messages gmail

Create Email Template in Gmail with Attachments

Make your canned responses more than just snippets of reusable text as now you can attach multiple files to your canned responses. E.g., if you wish to have specific reports, presentations sent along as attachments to your Google canned responses. You may upload these files or can use already uploaded items from the attachment library or files in your Google Drive. In the case of large files, no need to worry. You may upload and insert those as Google Drive weblinks. So, we have covered everything for you!

Preset To/Cc/Bcc & From (Alias Accounts) fields for Canned Emails Gmail

Save time by setting fields to Auto Populate while using gmail canned messages. You may set up fields like From (with support for Alias account), To, Cc, Bcc to auto-populate while using Canned responses. A handy little customisation that is very useful in cases where an email had to be Cc’ed or Bcc’ed to specific individuals in team environments. E.g., Managers. Leads. We also support, pre-setting From field, if you are using multiple Alias accounts in Gmail / G-suite. It gets even better where you can precisely control these settings by setting these for single responses or all responses assigned to a category. Thus, saving you time to set these up every time while you creating email template in Gmail.

Preset To Cc Bcc fields Auto fill , Create template email in Gmail
search canned messages gmail

Search and find Canned messages in Gmail based on Keywords

For heavy users of canned responses spanning multiple categories, we have introduced the option of search canned responses. It helps search for canned responses with matching content and names with the specified keywords. It helps save time, making the canned responses quickly accessible while working with multiple categories and shared responses.

Quickly access frequently used email templates in Gmail

In addition to the search feature, Canned Responses Ultimate offers another time-saving innovation “Quick Access list of frequently used email templates in Gmail” Add-on uses a special algorithm and displays a automatically updated list, to show you the last and frequently used email templates by you. So, instead of searching for the Google canned responses, you can quickly pick one from this list and respond to emails faster.

Quickly access Canned Email response templates
Google Canned Responses

Supports multiple actions New Mail / Reply / Reply to all

You are not just restricted to insert action as in default templates feature of Gmail. Canned Responses Ultimate supports New Compose, Reply, Reply to All action. Not only that, you may even choose to set one default action out of Compose, Reply, Reply to All when you click the canned response in Side Panel interface depending on which action you use the most.

Access and sync canned response templates on your Mobile device running on Android

Nowadays, communication is the key to success. So, usually, we prefer to work on the desktop and via a mobile device while commuting. Canned Responses Ultimate enables this feature for you, which has been missing in Gmail for long. Now keep your canned responses in sync and access and respond from your mobile device as well. At present Mobiles running on Android are supported. iPhone support coming soon.

access canned responses for gmail on android mobile tablets device, gmail canned response phone
Import canned emails gmail

Import pre-existing Canned Response Templates from Default Templates feature of Gmail

If you are a user of default Templates, feature in Gmail and are upgrading to Canned Responses Ultimate. You must be thinking you will need to set up all the canned email templates again. We have got you covered; you can import existing templates using our import wizard. This handy little feature gets you started in a few minutes with our innovative little add-on and get going.

Canned Responses Ultimate is trusted by 10,000+ Gmail / Gsuite Domain users!

Loving the look of the Canned Responses Add-on for Gmail. Sooo, happy to have come across this handy little add-on. Such a time saver. Keep up the great work!

Alisa Rosu

I just loved it! This handy little add-on makes Canned Responses email templates much simpler to use and organise. And to put a cherry on top, now I can use canned responses from my mobile phone as well. Yayyy!

Jane Mcvay

I love this app. Installed and learnt how to use it in 5 minutes. I can do quick edits/proof reads for all my canned responses. Honestly the best purchase I’ve made this year. Well done!!

Thomas Roosen

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For Individuals

  Activates Add-on on 1 Email account.
  Allows you to Create unlimited Canned Responses.
  Enable Attachments, preset To,Cc,Bcc, From field.
  Enables Sharing and Auto Listing of Canned Responses for teams.

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For Business Users / Gsuite Domain

  Activates Add-on on X no. of  Gsuite Email accounts.
  Allows you to Create unlimited Canned Responses.
  Enable Attachments, preset To,Cc,Bcc, From field.
  Enables Sharing and Auto Listing of Canned Responses for teams.

 US$ 239 US$139 / per year + Taxes

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 US$ 299 US$199 / per year + Taxes

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 US$ 399 US$299 / per year + Taxes

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For Enterprise Gsuite Domain users

  Activates Add-on on X no. of  Gsuite Email accounts.
  Allows you to Create unlimited Canned Responses.
  Enable Attachments, preset To,Cc,Bcc, From field.
  Enables Sharing and Auto Listing of Canned Responses for teams.

 US$ 499 US$399 / per year + Taxes

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