Best File Manager for Windows, A perfect Windows finder and Windows Explorer Alternative

Now you can enjoy your day with no stress, as this fantastic File Manager for Windows & a perfect Windows Explorer Alternative helps you with organizing the daily digital clutter a bit at a time
File Organizer and Manager for mac OS and Windows

OrganizermaXBest File Manager & Windows Explorer Alternative
System Requirements : Windows 7 or above
2GB of RAM, 500MB Disk space

Tagging and Organizing files made simple by this Finder like File manager for Windows and  a perfect Windows Explorer Alternative. OrganizermaX is an innovative all-new file management Tool for Windows, which has been thought from the ground up and we have looked at all that has been missing, and features that could have simplified file management on Windows in all those years. The tool comes with an :

  • A simplified approach to File Tagging on Windows, making it simpler to search and manage your files
  • Now auto download and keep your mail attachments from multiple accounts backed up and organized with inbuilt Mail Attachment Downloader. 
  • Now Keep your digital and physical file all in order with inbuilt Scan & Organize file module.
  • All new extended features for copy-paste functionality added compared to features offered by Windows Explorer.

Takes a completely intuitive approach, when it comes to file management making of a best Windows Explorer Alternative

Why Bit by Bit Approach for file management ?

OrganizermaX is an all-new File Manager for Windows which has been visioned from the ground up: keeping things simple has been our priority while envisioning this perfect windows explorer alternative. It allows you to have delightful interactions, with your files, with a multitude of actions to organize them like Tagging your files, move to favorite folders and much more  from a single convenient dashboard.

Are you always stressed as you receive hundreds of files from co-workers, peers, friends, as downloads and email attachments and don’t have the time to organize them all? As with time these lead to a clutter either in the downloads folder or the user’s desktop. Windows even tried to fix it with adding a Desktop Cleaner function, but that’s not a solution, it just moves the clutter from one folder to another. So, we though wouldn’t it be better to make an app that helped us develop a habit, while doing all the heavy lifting for us. 

Trust us, with OrganizerMax’s bit by bit approach this problem will get sorted once and for all. It hardly takes 10 minutes at the end of the day, or you may choose to get organized on the go as you receive the files. Now you will be free to enjoy all the free time while staying organized, as it takes care of all the heavy hauling for you.

Why should i look for a Windows Explorer Alternative? How can OrganizermaX help me with day to day file management on my PC?

If any three of the below-mentioned points stand true for you, OrganizerMax for Windows will make life simpler for you.Benifit from mac File Manager

  • Every week or so, you see files piling up in documents, downloads folders or on your desktop.
  • It takes you a while to find a file you saved few weeks back. Due to this you end up loosing your productive time every week? 
  • You regularly download and have to work with many files from clients, peers, colleagues, and friends. Tracking version and revisions on files become so stressful that you end up downloading the entire files again to avoid looking through the jungle of files on your desktop.
  • You receive many emails with attachments on a regular basis. However, you have ended up deleting few emails with an attachment that you need at a later point in time.
  • Your mailbox is clogged up, and mail server slow, as you have tons of emails with attachments. You wish there was a way to automatically download, tag and organize these attachments as you received them on a daily basis.

Experience Advanced File Management features with OrganizerMax compared to Windows Explorer!

Windows Explorer Alternative Replacement, Best File Manager WIndows

Best Windows File Manager Alternative, presenting brand new file manager for Windows

Unlike Windows Explorer, Organize all your files from one point – easy to use file management dashboard offering a vast array of interactive options for file management, which are complicated and involve multiple windows and clicks when it comes to Windows Explorer the native file manager module in Windows.

Now Tagging and Organizing files & Folders made simple in Windows, A feature that is not available in Windows Explorer

Organize / Tag Files, Pictures, Movies, Documents, Reports all from a convenient File Management Dashboard on your Mac.

Organize Tag files folders mac OSX
scanning app mac os x

If you Scan and keep records of your physical documents, we have an inbuilt scanning module to help organize all your files

Now organize and manage your Physical file assets in addition to Digital assets all from a single App.

We are not just a File Manager for Windows, OrganizermaX allows you to Backup, Tag & Organize email attachments with Integrated Mail Attachment Downloader

Now download attachments from multiple email accounts as they arrive and keep them organized with our integrated mail attachment downloader. Saving your mail server space and freeing up productive time.

Mail Attachment Downloader Mac OS X
Faster Copy Paste Mac OS X

Added multitude of Enhancements to the native Copy-Paste features compared to Windows Explorer

Finally the simple things that could take away the pain from the outdated copy-paste features which haven’t seen much changes since decades in Windows Explorer. Now copy at turbo speeds, use “copy queues”, “direct paste”, on your PC.

How the All New Intuitive File manager for Windows - OrganizermaX helps you stay organized?

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Client Testimonials

What an amazing solution, executed to perfection. Even though you get hooked on to the app immediately, it takes a while to realize the true difference it makes in your life. It takes the “complicated” and “clutter” words out of our daily life.

Lauret Jarvis
Director - Client Services