Simplistic Yet Robust Mail Attachment Downloader App for macOS

Now automatically download and save attachments to a folder in your Hard drive, this fantastic feature helps you with downloading your email attachments and keep them organized every day.

Mail attachment downloader App for Mac OS X
OrganizermaX – includes integrated Mail Attachment downloader for macOS
System Requirements : macOS 10.8 till 10.14 (macOS Mojave)
2GB of RAM, 500MB Disk space

Mail attachment download process is now simplified be it Gmail attachment download or yahoo mail attachments. This task can be set to run on autopilot with this integrated app to download email attachments. OrganizermaX allows you to save attachments automatically; on top of it, it’s not limited to one account, but you can configure and download email attachments from multiple accounts.

  • Supports all popular mail service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook,, cpanel hosted websites any service which supports IMAP protocol.
  • Auto checks for new emails detect attachments and downloads a copy.
  • Downloads Mail attachments in increments, So no need to download mail attachments on mac again and again.

Why Mail Attachment Downloader for macOs is a must have module for you in OrganizermaX?

It’s a must-have feature for anyone who has found himself in a situation mentioned below:

  • You get tons of mail on daily basis and a major percentage of these include attachements. Be it work related or personal.
  • You spend a lot of time downloading individual attachments and then saving and moving these files to designated folders for better organization.
  • You are confronted by situations where your mailbox is regularly exceeding its quota as you often receive heavy attachments.
  • You receive a regular warning on email storage quota exceeded and you might not be able to send and receive emails before you free up some space. You have to spend the productive time to clear up the emails with big attachments. Adding to your already stressed day the probability of deleting an email with attachments that you haven’t saved to your computer yet.
  • You wish there were a possibility to download and tag email attachments to pre-designated folders.

Salient Features Mail Attachment Downloader for macOS

Auto Download Mail attachments:

Mail Attachment downloader module not only helps you to download and organize years worth of mail attachments from your mailbox. However, once it’s completed downloading legacy data, the app keeps track of any new mail attachments and auto downloads these as soon as they reach your inbox in any further emails on a daily basis.

Supports Multiple Mail accounts configuration

Nowadays most of us have multiple email accounts some for business and some for personal use. No need to worry about it, as the app supports configuring multiple mail accounts and can monitor and download mail attachments and keep them organized separately for each email account.

Presents downloaded attachments in neatly organized queues for Tagging

A neat user interface in a personal dashboard presents mail attachments as they are received to help remind you to tag and organize downloaded mail attachments.

Support for inline mail attachment

The app not only supports regular mail attachments but is intelligent enough to detect and download any inline mail attachments from any emails.

Copy/ move or export mail attachments

You can also make a copy of the downloaded attachments or move a copy over into folders / Export the attachments to any portable hard drives to make a copy of archives.

Secure SSL support for IMAP servers and XAuth2 support for Gmail users

We are very serious about the security of our user’s data. All your mail attachments get downloaded over secure SSL connection for added protection in case your IMAP server supports SSL protocol.

Also, unlike other apps, we don’t require you to turn on the option to allow less secure apps. We have worked hard, and integrated XAuth2 authentication approved by Google to ensure the safety of your data and avoid storing any usernames with the app.

How Automated Mail attachment Downloader for macOS - OrganizermaX can help you with better Mail attachment management?

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Client Testimonials

What an amazing solution, executed to perfection. Even though you get hooked on to the app immediately, it takes a while to realize the true difference it makes in your life. It takes the “complicated” and “clutter” words out of our daily life.

Lauret Jarvis
Director - Client Services

FAQ's - Mail Attachment Downloader for macOS

If I have a 5-year-old email account, does the program download all my Mail Attachments since the beginning?

When you add your email account for the first time under the Mail Attachment Download module, you are prompted with one of the choices to download all mail attachments since the beginning. So, effectively it can download all your mail attachments from your five-year-old mail data and henceforth would automatically download any new email attachments as new emails get delivered to your mailbox.

If the connection gets reset in between download process, will the app be able to resume from where it left off?

The app is intelligent to remember the last successfully downloaded message. When the internet connectivity gets restored app begins downloading mail attachments from the next message from where it left off and continued till it has finished downloading attachments till present day.

Does Mail Attachment Downloader App offer options to download starting from a specific time frame?

You get a choice to start downloading the attachments from Today, Yesterday, Start from last 3 days, Week, current month, current year or All from the beginning. So, the Mail Attachment downloader app offers multiple choices.

Can I set up multiple email accounts to download mail attachments from at the same time?

Yes, you can set up Multiple Email accounts to download and monitor attachments for download in email attachment downloader module.

Is this Mail Attachment downloader module secure?

The application comes set by default to use most secure internet protocols while communicating with your mail server and authentication available. For Gmail user’s we have added support for XOAUTH2 mechanism, which replaces the usual approach to authenticate using a username and password. In December 2014 Google made this their preferred method of authenticating for Gmail, and deprecated other systems.

Does Mail Attachments downloader app come with support for IMAP mail servers?

Yes, we do, and by default, SSL communication is checked, to secure data while communicating with the server. However, please check with your IT administrator to ensure that your host, port, TLS and IMAP details are correct and you are directly connected to the mail server.

Does the App supports download of inline attachments?

Yes, the app can detect & download inline mail attachments.