Canned Responses Pro : Gmail Add-on

Canned Responses Pro is an innovative little Add-on for Gmail helps out regular Gmail users by saving tons of time handling repetitive emails. You can set up and categorise your canned responses with already written email templates setup to be emailed in just one click!
Canned Responses for Gmail Pro

Canned Responses Pro for Gmail : Create canned responses Gmail with/without attachments, canned email templates for Gmail

Works with : Gmail, Google Drive

If you are one of the busy folks, who get lots of mail every day, we are pretty sure; this thought must have crossed your mind every next day.

“Dear Wish fairy, can you please grant me a wish to add an option of copy-pasting repetitive emails.”

Google’s Gmail Team, did grant this wish to Gmail users but the solution is okay if you have just 5-10 set of cannned responses.

However, in case you are a heavy user and need to define and categorize multiple email responses, it gets a little cumbersome to handle with the present solution offered by Gmail.

On top of it, if you are always on the move, and use Gmail App on Phone the official Gmail canned response solution is not accessible to mobile/ tablet users yet and is only available on the Desktop Browser version of Gmail.

We were desperate and needed to have a better Canned responses solution for Gmail in place. So, we decided to develop this Gmail add on for all who needed a little more powerful and intuitive solution.

Our users get access to a Quick Access Canned Response Button embedded in Compose Email UI of Gmail as well as the Add on is accessible in the Add-ons area allocated by Gmail Canned responses button to access frequently used emails.

Who all can benefit from Canned Responses Pro : Gmail Add-on?

If you are a user who has at any point in time had a question related to:

  • How to add multiple saved drafts copies of mails that can be duplicated to write responses again and again in Gmail?
  • Does Gmail offers a canned responses feature for heavy users?
  • Can I save canned responses in multiple categories for later use in Gmail ?
  • Does Gmail allows users to assign canned responses in Teams?
  • Can I delegate the task to setup canned responses in Gmail to other members of the team?
  • Does Gmail allows for sharing of canned responses in teams?

Then this is the Right Gmail Add-on that answers all your needs.

Why Choose Canned Responses Pro: Gmail Add-on over standard canned responses offered in Gmail?

  • Unlike Standard Canned Responses feature offered by default by Google Gmail our Add on is accessible in Gmail Web, Tablet, and mobile.

  • Save time by Sharing already set Canned Responses within teams.

  • Delegate roles for editing and adding responses for the team via Google Drive.

  • Organize canned responses in multiple categories.

How to use Canned Responses Pro: Gmail Add-on?

Once you have installed the Gmail Add-on from the market place :

  1. Please click the Add on to initiate it on the right-hand sidebar.
  2. Click on any email message to open it.
  3.  You are presented with available options
    a) Add New Response.
    b) Add an easy to remember name related to mail subject, Add a new category if you would like to assign the canned response to a category.
    c) Click Create Response.
    d)Click on Add content and Add content to the mail template and save. 
    e) We are all set. 
  4. New Canned Response is now available to be used for compose new mails, or insert into any mail in few clicks .

Lite vs. Pro

The add-on is free and fully functional. Pro version lets you do much more in comparison to Lite version:

  1. Lets you create an unlimited number of Categories and 30 canned responses under each category. Making it similar to having unlimited canned responses for gmails.
  2. Universal access to your canned responses from your Tablet/Mobile Devices as well.
  3. Allows sharing/delegation of Canned responses Via Google Drive folders to others
  4. Regular product updates
  5.  Free Premium Support

Get It Now

Just don't take our word, Get the Add on and start Organizing and using Canned Responses for Gmail Now!