organize bathroom storage

Are you confused about how to utilize bathroom storage for organizing everything you need? Then we can help you out! The following storage ideas for the bathroom are useful, fun, and will enable you to store what you need in your bathroom. Whether you have a pretty small bathroom area or a huge bathroom space, you can utilize the storage hacks below to ensure you can store what you need in your bathroom.

Expandable bathroom storage organizer

Do you have space under the sink but are unable to store your bathroom products properly in there? This happens to the best of us. You can use an expandable organizer that comes with sliding shelves. This will enable you to store all your bathroom necessities in one place, and they don’t all have to be outside taking up precious space in your bathroom anymore!

Rolling organizer for bathroom storage organizer

If you have a pedestal sink, then this tip is going to be very useful for you. You can get a rolling organizer or a wrap-around shelf that neatly fits under your pedestal sink area. You have options of tiered organizers too so that you can easily store bathroom storage items in them. This can give your bathroom a makeover so be picky when you choose one!

Store bathroom items in wire baskets

When you have sufficient wall space, you can utilize the wire baskets to keep your bathroom essentials there. This can help you keep a range of items easily, and you can access them conveniently too. An alternative to this is using standard baskets which can hold small items with ease too. You can have a mix of these basket types on your bathroom as well.

Utilize the cabinet area in your bathroom

If you have a cabinet, then you can increase the number of items you can store by adding a bathroom storage organizer to it. You can find clear plastic organizers that can be stuck to the inside of the cabinet. You can keep small items in those organizers such as earbuds, Band-Aids, and so on. Since you will be able to see all the items you can find them faster.

Bathroom cabinet as a bathroom storage organizer

You can make use of a thin bathroom floor cabinet if you have a relatively small space in your bathroom. Cabinets allow you to store lots of bathroom products and you can store the items in an organized manner. There are lots of stores that provide such types of cabinet organizers, so you have many options to choose from for your bathroom storage.

Picture ledge for bathroom storage

Picture ledges are great because you can use them for so many purposes. One of them is as an organizer for your bathroom. When you want to store your favorite perfumes, makeup or lotions, you can use a picture ledge to store them. You can keep all the regularly used items in this bathroom storage organizer so they will be right in front of you.

Store plastic bags conveniently.

Don’t know where to store your plastic bags for your trash can? You can use a tissue box! Just keep all the plastic bags on the inside of the empty tissue box. This helps to keep all your plastic bags organized. When you need one, pull one out. This saves space and ensures that you don’t have plastic bags taking up space elsewhere in your bathroom.

Divided box as a bathroom storage organizer

If you have lots of items that you want to keep handy, you can use a divided box. It is a wooden box that has divisions and allows you to store items separately. Such an organizer will help you keep all the items separate, and it will ensure that you can get access to what you want easily without any inconvenience. You can store combs, brushes, etc. with ease.

Recessed shelf on the wall

You can build a recessed shelf to store your bathroom products such as shampoo, douche, hand wash and so on. This will help ensure that nothing is sticking out and your bathroom looks more sophisticated in this way! One of the places where you can do this is in the shower area so that you can keep shampoo and other products.

Bathroom storage for kids

When you have kids, you want to rethink the way you store bathroom items. You can keep a step stool that has storage options in it so that your little ones can keep their toys in there. You don’t need to make space separately in the bathroom for their toys this way. Moreover, the step stool makes it easy for them to wash their hands easily without struggling.

Cake stand to hold bathroom toiletries.

Do you have a cake stand that is just not being used by you? You can use it in your bathroom! Keep it in your bathroom to hold the items that you need when you shower such as shampoo, conditioner, and soap! Not only will you be able to keep various types of bathroom items in there but it will look beautiful too.

Rethink towel racks

Do you have one towel rack in your bathroom? Does your bathroom rack look crowded because lots of towels should be hung? Then why don’t you install more racks? You can install them one below the other so that you can hang more towels and clothes easily. It gives your bathroom a much neater look as well.

Utilize wall studs for bathroom storage

Do you have space between wall studs in your bathroom? If so then you can use that space instead of leaving it out. You can use it to build a cabinet so that you can store bathroom products and items in there. Since on an average, the distance is more than 15 inches; you can easily make space to store extra toilet rolls, plastic bags, and other bathroom essentials.

Storage space above the commode

When you have storage space above your commode, you can make use of that. Why let it go to waste and leave it looking empty? You can buy floating shelves to keep your bathroom toiletries there, or you can get pipe shelving done for bathroom storage. Either way, there are many options available for you to make use of the space.

Use the shoe organizer for bathroom storage.

You can use a shoe organizer and keep it on the inside of your shower curtain. In this manner, you can store all that you need when you take a shower, and you can get them easily too. The products will be easy to take out and store inside the organizer as well which means more convenience for you and ease of access.

You can use these tips and tricks to ensure you always have what you need in your bathroom. Of course, you can consult a professional to organize your bathroom but why not try out some hacks yourself first? Try the bathroom storage hacks above and increase your bathroom’s storage capacity with the super easy tips mentioned! There are many DIY tutorials about how to make shelves and organizers too!