Turbo Fast Copy Cut Paste App for Mac - it goes beyond just the standard Copy Paste on macOS!

Extend your Copy Paste features on macOS by using copy paste via OrganizerMaX!
File Organizer for Mac OS X

Turbo Fast Copy Cut Paste App for Mac OS X
OrganizermaX –includes integrated turbo fast copy cut paste for macOS
System Requirements : macOS 10.8 till 10.14 (macOS Mojave)
2GB of RAM, 500MB Disk space

Turbo Fast Copy Cut Paste App for Mac – Added all that was missing in Copy Paste in Mac !

  • TurboMaX technology to optimize and boost data throughput to Portable Drive.
  • Copied Files retains all metadata and original creation/modified date parameters.
  • Added Direct Cut Paste function on macOS.
  • Introducing the concept of Copy Queue, helps you first add multiple files/folders which could be located in different folders to a copy queue before pasting to a destination folder.
  • Notifies you about disk running low on space and allows you to clear files to make space and proceed with the copy process.
  • You can pause/resume copy process if required at any point.
  • Option to allow merge/ replace folders.

A new approach to Cut, Copy Paste process to make things user-friendly. The app is continuously updated to add more features and make Cut/Copy/Paste on Mac, even more, user-friendly!

We took the complicated out of Cut, Copy & Paste on macOS with OrganizerMaX!

You would not know what you have been missing until you try out the all-new Direct Cut-Paste & Copy Queues feature with OrganizerMaX.

OrganizerMaX is a File Manager App, which adds up all that has been missing for years with the copy function on Mac. Since native Copy and Paste on Mac gives the bare minimum when it comes to copy-paste. Start using OrganizerMaX today, and access all the features that have been missing for years from macOS; having a better file manager is just the cherry on top!

If you expect to increase your productivity while using your Mac, then you should try the all-new OrganizerMaX as its a well thought through file management app for Mac with multiple features that have been missing and requested since years by Mac users worldwide. So, wait no longer and try out the all-new feature-rich package with enhanced Copy and Paste functions on your Mac!

Salient Features Of Turbo Fast Copy Cut Paste Module of OrganizerMaX for macOS

Learn more about what all OrganizerMaX can accomplish for you and that too much faster & better compare to other competitive apps available for macOS:

Uses Standard Keyboard shortcuts, same as in macOS

OrganizerMax is an independent app, so no need to learn any new keyboard shortcuts as is the case with other average apps. OrganizerMaX uses the standard keyboard shortcuts [for copy (command+c), for cut ( command+x), for paste (command+v) ]. It helps in keeping the learning curve shorter and transition to using the new app easier.

Protects Meta Data during copy paste

OrganizerMaX can preserve and protect metadata while copying the files and folders. Not just that it retains the Creation/last modified dates as well. So, you stay protected from all the hassle and chaos that ensues as is the case while using any competitive apps when the metadata and file dates are effected.

Replace, keep both, skip Files and Merge Folders during cut, copy, paste

OrganizerMax is intelligent enough to detect and suggests to Replace/keep both files, Skip the files during the data transfer. Also has the option to Merge two folders into one folder during the copy process.

Pause/Resume the Cut/Copy/Paste Process

There are instances when we select multiple files and copy/paste onto a portable drive. Sometimes we receive a warning, ” not enough disk space” and realize now we have to reselect all the items again after clearing up some disk space. It results in much stress as we usually face such situation when in a hurry. Worry no more OrganizerMaX got your back as it intelligently pauses the transfer and you can now clear up the disk and resume the process without losing any time.

Copy Queues – Select and copy Multiple Files from Multiple Folders.

Exclusive and Unique feature to OrganizerMaX, we have always come across situations, where we want to select specific files which are spread over into multiple folders and need all these copied over to one folder or a portable drive. In the traditional approach, it has to be done one specific folder at a time, and if we get any error or any not enough disk space warning, one has to start all over again. Its always scary situation as we know all the effort will be wasted in just seconds if an error or warning alert appears. It’s a thing of the past with OrganizerMaX, as you start using the advanced copy queues feature.

To sum it up, OrganizerMaX is a must-have tool for Mac users, especially if you have to work with cut, copy, paste continually on Mac, it will be a one-time investment on an app that you’ll always cherish by saving much productive time. Now get used to professional, Turbo fast cut, copy, paste on your Mac, starting today!

How can you extend the standard Copy Paste functions on your Mac? - OrganizermaX can help you do just that in minutes

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Client Testimonials

What an amazing solution, executed to perfection. Even though you get hooked on to the app immediately, it takes a while to realize the true difference it makes in your life. It takes the “complicated” and “clutter” words out of our daily life.

Lauret Jarvis
Director - Client Services

FAQ'S - Turbo Fast Copy Cut Paste App module for macOS

Is there a limit on a number of files that can be added to Copy queue while making a list of files to copy over to portable hard drive?

No, there are no such limits of the number of files/folders that can be added to the list of files, however, do keep in mind the storage space you got on the portable drive to decide the number of files and folders to be added to copy queue.

When we copy the files to a portable drive, some of the competitive apps change the file creation time and date to at that moment? Does OrganizerMaX modify the time and date as well?

No, we have studied this problem in detail and are different from competitive apps, which does this strangely. OrganizerMax uses a different method for Copy paste on Mac and does not have any impact on these file parameters.

On Mac I usually have a tough time to track the progress on file copy, does OrganizerMaX has any visual indicator to highlight copy progress?

Yes, we are aware and have felt the same while copying a huge number of files and it an annoyance in macOS. So, we introduced a small progress indicator at the lower right corner in the app, which is visible in case file transfer is in progress. You may click it to view a detailed transfer progress window at any point in time.

When I copy paste, cut paste using OrganizerMaX, will the tags and other metadata also move over in the file copy process?

Yes, tags associated with FIles and Folders and any other metadata information is protected and copied over to the destination.