How to clear clutter and organize your home without losing your mind

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Barbara Hemphill says ‘clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions.’ Clutter can be mental or physical, but today we will be focusing on the physical clutter that almost every single person has in their house. Look around yourself and ask yourself ‘can I do without this particular thing?’ If the answer is yes for more than one item, then perhaps it is time to clear clutter and organize. The reason we say that you should clear clutter and then organize is that removing clutter will make organizing much easier for you and you will enjoy organizing too!

For everyone, the same thing is not cluttered. Hence, it is difficult to define what clutter consists of because for different people there are different definitions of what constitutes clutter. There are various types of clutter, but they all lead to you having more things than you may require and need. This is why you should start to declutter and organize whenever you feel like you are living in a cluttered house.

Why should you clear clutter and organize?

Are you second guessing whether removing clutter is a good idea? Then read the following reasons and see why you should declutter and organize.

Decide what is important.

When you are left with no choice but to decide, you end up making a decision no matter how tough. This applies to the time when you declutter as well. When you are in the process to clear clutter and organize, you will realize what things you own that mean something to you. This helps you decide and feel empowered since you will be honestly making decisions to keep or discard something. That is why you should be selective about what you keep.

Gives you liberty

You will feel a sense of freedom when you clear up all that has been with you for so long. If you have been living in the same house for a long time, then you will feel free right away after decluttering. The reason is that when your surroundings are cluttered, such as your home, you feel confused and cluttered too. The more things you get rid of because you don’t need them, the better you will feel. You will be able to add new things to your home too!

Get more space

When you are removing possessions from your house or someplace else, you will get more space. This means you can then utilize the space in a new way and rearrange things in your house. Space can be utilized for a variety of things depending on the amount of space that you save after you declutter and organize your home. This can help you give a makeover to your house as well, and you can think about redecorating it.

Helps with relocation

This may sound farfetched but think about it. When you clear clutter and organize, if there is ever a need to relocate, you will be at a much better place. It will make your task much easier. Regardless of when you declutter, you can benefit since you will be able to relocate more easily and you won’t need to spend hours deciding what to keep and what to discard. You would have done that already, and you would be good to go!

Can help you save money

One valuable lesson you can learn when you are decluttering is to spend less money since you will be inspired to buy less. When you keep buying because something is on sale, then you become a hoarder before you know it. The process of decluttering will help you realize that you won’t ultimately need all the things that you end up buying. This can help you save money now and in the future since you will be less likely to spend a lot.

How to declutter and organize with ease?

When it comes to clear clutter and organize these tips will help you clear all the clutter so that you can then invest your time to organize what matters most to you.

Be honest when you clear clutter and organize

When it comes to decluttering, you can be hoarding a lot of stuff because of sentimental value. This is not going to do you any good. Honestly ask yourself if it is worth your time and the space to keep all the stuff that you have at your home or wherever you are organizing. This will help you have zero regrets when you do get to the actual decluttering. Otherwise, you can feel guilty after you get rid of the stuff and have second thoughts. Be completely honest when you even start to think about decluttering and organizing your space.

Take baby steps when you declutter

You should take small steps when you start the process of decluttering. If you think that you have an entire house filled with clutter, then you will feel overwhelmed even before starting to declutter. Don’t do that to yourself. The best way to start is to divide the decluttering process into smaller tasks according to categories. You can declutter room wise, or you can categorize such as decluttering your clothes, etc. This won’t make you exhausted, and you will feel like you are getting things done one thing at a time.

Think about the course of action

You need to plan your decluttering process. You can write in your planner when you are going to declutter and then ensure that you seriously declutter when you promised yourself you would. Don’t put it off for later but ensure that you are motivated when you start with decluttering. The sooner you start with decluttering, the better it is for you. You can be methodical when you approach the task of decluttering. If decluttering feels like a chore then you can listen to your favorite music or declutter with your friend.

Be committed

It is easy to give up on anything and decluttering is one of those tasks that you can easily give up on. Don’t give up because it is for your benefit when you declutter. When you do feel like the clutter is starting to accumulate it is time to start thinking about decluttering. Whenever you declutter, whether at the beginning stages or the advanced stages, it is crucial that you commit to declutter with commitment. Don’t give up halfway through and make sure that you declutter until you do feel satisfied.

Decide what you are going to do with the clutter.

When you declutter, it does not mean you just throw away what you don’t need. When you realize that there is something of yours that you have not been utilizing or that you don’t need any longer, you can give it to someone else. You can donate, or you can recycle it depending on the item you are thinking of getting rid of. This will ensure that you don’t feel guilty about merely throwing away things that at some point meant something to you. You can feel better by thinking about the course of action in advance and ensuring that you follow it through.

Clear the clutter and organize to see how free you feel and how amazing you start to feel right away! Whether you have some clutter or lots of it, starting today is going to be the best decision for a more organized life.

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