How to Create after hours Out of office in Gmail with attachments that auto turns on & off based on office hours?

Looking for a way to set Out of office Responses in Gmail with attachments that turn on and off automatically based on set office hours? Auto Reply Pro Add-on for Gmail makes life simpler and productive for Gmail and Gsuite users by allowing users to get that done in few simple clicks!

In the Tutorial below we will guide you about how to set Out of office responders in Gmail with attachments that turn on/off automatically based on specified office hours. 

If you have not installed the Add on yet, then please Click here to install Auto Reply Pro Add-on from Google Marketplace

Steps to Create after hours Out of office in Gmail with attachments that auto turns on & off based on office hours

Need help with How to install the Add-on please click here to read installation tutorial.

  1. Click Add Manage Rules in App button to launch the the Auto Reply App in browser

    a) To get started with setting up auto response rules click the Add / Manage Rules button to open the Auto Reply App in Browser.
    b) If you’re logged into multiple Google Accounts in same browser. To access Auto Reply App, please Log out log in to the account as a primary account in which the Add-on is installed and you wish to use. Alternatively, you may Log in to this Account in incognito window / private window in Browser.
    c) Please allow pop-ups for Gmail in Browser. Please read Step 2 about how to allow pop-ups in Gmail.
    Add Manage Auto Replies in App

  2. Note : If unable to launch Auto Reply Pro App from Gmail. Please follow below steps.

    a) In case you notice a Pop up blocked notification, while trying to open dashboard from Gmail.
    b) In the address bar, click Pop-up blocked see image below.
    Allow Auto Reply Pro App pop up from Gmail
    c) Click the link for the pop-up you want to see.
    d) To always see pop-ups for the site, select Always allow pop-ups and redirects from [site] u003e Done.

  3. Click the Add New Out of office in the Left hand Menu

    Once you click Manage > Add Out of Office, please type a name that helps identify this out of office rule. We are giving this rule a name Auto-turnon-off-after-office-hours-demo, it will help us recall in future what this rule is about. Click next to move to the next step Set Conditions.
    Out of office automated turns on during after office hours

  4. Next Step is to set conditions for the Out Of Office Rule to run.

    You can set multiple conditions which are listed in the section, you can create conditions based on the list or cover complex use cases by adding multiple conditions. If you wish an Out Of Office Response sent for every incoming email don’t set any conditions and proceed to next step.

    Set Conditions for Out of office responses in Gmail

  5. Do a Preview Check by Clicking Test Rule Conditions button

    Worried for which all emails the Out Of Office Response will be triggered in case you have chosen to set some conditions. No need to worry, just click the Test Rule Conditions button. It will show you a preview from last few weeks emails for which the Out Of Office Response would have been sent. If all looks good proceed to next step to set time frame during which the Out Of Office responses will be automatically turned on and off. So, works perfectly in case you want Out Of Office Responses to trigger after office hours for your business.Test Rule conditions for Out Of Office Gmail

  6. Set Time Frame : Choose Time frame or days when the Out Of Office Response is automatically enabled.

    1) You can set the Out Of Office Response to enable Always or Enable on only Specific day and time .
    2) You have more choices under Enable on only Specific day and time : Enable Daily or Enable for Calendar events.
    3) For now we are choosing Daily.
    Specify Time frame daily or during calendar events

    4) You can click Add time frame button and move the blue markers to specify the time frame. To add multiple time slots, click the Add time frame button again use the blue markers to cover multiple time slots during the entire day. So lets say if your office hours are 9.00am to 5.00 pm. You can add two time frames one covering 17.00 hrs to 24.00 hrs and another one covering 00.00 to 9.00 hrs. So the Out of office responses are automatically enabled every day after 5.00 pm till morning 9.00 am.

    Adding Time Frame for enable daily option

  7. Next Set Actions : Reply to Incoming Email in same thread or Create & Send New Email.

    You get a choice on how the Auto Response will be sent, will it be Reply to incoming emails or Create new email response.

    In this use-case we are choosing the option to Create & Send New Email.

    Actions for Out of office Create and send a new email or respond on same mail thread

  8. Add Email Content for Gmail Out Of Office Response Template.

    Now proceed to add the email content that you would like to be sent for incoming emails for your Out Of Office Response. Add Out of Office Email content in Gmail

  9. Set Additional Mail Settings (Optional)

    You have a choice to further customise the Out Of Office Response to set it to Reply to Sender or Reply to Email for incoming emails or to All the contacts who were in To, cc’ed on this email.
    Out of Office Gmail Additional Options
    Or any email address in the emails body content like in case of Website form submissions.
    You can also add Additional recipients by adding their email address as To, Cc, Bcc field.

    Or you can remove specific email address or address belonging to specific domains in auto response, who were included in the incoming email.

    You also have an option to set custom Reply to email address for Outgoing email response.
    Out Of Office Gmail Addition Settings 2

  10. Add Attachments to your Auto Response Email Template. (Optional)

    Auto Reply Pro allows you to add email attachments to your Auto Response Emails if required. Very helpful if you are looking to attach some Presentation, Brochure or Marketing materials along with your Email content.
    – Attachments are Limited to max 10 files and overall size 10MB per email.
    – All previously loaded attachments files are also available under your Attachment library, So, you don’t have to upload the attachments again and again.

    To insert and upload a file from your device. Click on Insert from Computer Device Button. To access previously uploaded file click Insert from Attachment Library button and choose your file to attach from the list.

  11. Set Extra Options (optional)

    You may choose to set some extra options like adding a label to Auto Response emails for easy identification or to organise emails. If you haven’t created any labels yet, you can create in Gmail interface and click Reload labels button to choose from the list. Out Of Office Gmail Extra Options

  12. Almost done! Click the Create Out of Office Reply button and we are done.

    Click the Create Out Of Office Reply button and we are finished setting up our Auto Response with Attachments for Gmail. Out of Office afterhours auto turn on off Gmail
    In case Creating a new email option is selected , you can specify custom email subject under Mail additional settings tab.
    Adding custom subject to Out of office Gmail

  13. To Edit / Remove / Change order of the the Out Of Office for Gmail Rule.

    From the left side bar menu Please follow the path Auto Reply > My Auto Replies. This should list all the existing Auto Replies you have created and click the three dots icon on the right side next to Auto Reply name. You will get Edit / Remove / Change Order Priority options.
    Out Of Office for Gmail After hours list

  14. Benefits of Adding more rules

    Auto Reply Pro lets you do more by helping you automate complex workflows. By adding more rules, which are executed in sequence. So, let’s say you have one rule set to respond to incoming emails with a standard Out Of Office Response.

    You can set one more rule with an entirely different response may a relationship managers contact for customers who opted for Premium support or after office hours support by adding the email address or domain the email belongs to under conditions. However, do remember to move the more complex rule with conditions up in order. So, the complex rule is executed before the standard response.

    By default Google allows you to send only one auto response per day to incoming emails from one contact. But Auto Reply Pro allows you to send multiple auto responses depending on the conditions set. Not just that you can set the Add-ons with different mail send modes ( Run and Send Auto Reply once for each matching rule per thread or for first matching rule per thread Or every time for all incoming mails per thread). Click here to learn more about Setting Mail Send Modes.