How to Create Email Sequence & Send Automatic follow up emails in Gmail with attachments?

Looking for a way to create email sequence & Send Automatic Follow up sequence mails in Gmail with attachments? Auto Reply Pro Add-on for Gmail lets you create customised sequence email with file attachments which are triggered at time intervals specified by you while setting a follow up for Gmail. Not just that you can configure them to stop when a email is sent or eceived for the thread.

In the Tutorial below we will guide you about how to create email sequence and send Automatic follow up emails in Gmail with attachments. 

If you have not installed the Add on yet, then please Click here to install Auto Reply Pro Add-on from Google Marketplace

Steps to Create Email Sequence & Send Automatic follow up emails with attachments in Gmail / Gsuite with Auto Reply Pro Add-on

Need help with How to install the Add-on please click here to read installation tutorial.

  1. Click Add Manage Rules in App button to launch the the Auto Reply App in browser

    a) To get started with setting up auto response rules click the Add / Manage Rules button to open the Auto Reply App in Browser.
    b) If you’re logged into multiple Google Accounts in same browser. To access Auto Reply App, please Log out log in to the account as a primary account in which the Add-on is installed and you wish to use. Alternatively, you may Log in to this Account in incognito window / private window in Browser.
    c) Please allow pop-ups for Gmail in Browser. Please read Step 2 about how to allow pop-ups in Gmail.
    Add Manage Auto Replies in App

  2. Note : If unable to launch Auto Reply Pro App from Gmail. Please follow below steps.

    a) In case you notice a Pop up blocked notification, while trying to open dashboard from Gmail.
    b) In the address bar, click Pop-up blocked see image below.
    Allow Auto Reply Pro App pop up from Gmail
    c) Click the link for the pop-up you want to see.
    d) To always see pop-ups for the site, select Always allow pop-ups and redirects from [site] > Done.

  3. Click the Add New Follow-up option

    Once you click the Add New Follow-up button, please type a name that helps identify this email sequence follow-up for Gmail. Like in the below example we are planning to create Automated Follow-ups for assigning to emails received related to pricing queries. Click next to move to the next step Set Conditions.
    Add New Auto Follow up Email sequence in Gmail

  4. Add Steps of sequence and define the time interval at which Follow-up emails will be sent once assigned to a mail thread in Gmail.

    Please click Add Step button to start adding email templates to be sent in the sequence you prefer. You May add up to 10 steps for a sequence while configuring the follow up. So that up to 10 email will be sent at defined intervals from the day the Follow-up is assigned to an email thread.

    Please add the number of days to wait for field before this email is automatically sent.
    Adding Follow up email sequence in gmail

    Click Add Step button again and repeat the steps to add more emails to the sequence of emails.

    Add Step 2 in Follow up email sequence for Gmail

    You may click Remove Step button to remove any step before you finalise this Automated Follow-up mail sequence.

    Remove Step from Follow up email sequence for Gmail

  5. Set Additional Follow up Email Settings (Optional)

    You have a choice to further customise and add any recipients you would like to be Cc, Bcc on these follow up emails by adding their email address in the Cc,Bcc field.

    Gmail Follow up mails Additional Settings

  6. Add Attachments to Follow up Email Templates. (Optional)

    Auto Reply Pro allows you to add email attachments to your Follow up Emails if required. Very helpful if you are looking to attach some Presentation, Brochure or Marketing materials along with your Email content.
    – Attachments are Limited to max 10 files and overall size 10MB per email.
    – All previously loaded attachments files are also available under your Attachment library, So, you don’t have to upload the attachments again and again.

    To insert and upload a file from your device. Click on Insert from Computer Device Button. To access previously uploaded file click Insert from Attachment Library button and choose your file to attach from the list.
    1. If you choose to upload a file from our computer.
    2. Next Click Select file from device.
    3. Select the file you wish to upload and click open.
    4. Now Click upload and the file will be uploaded and attached to this email template. Also, the file will now be available under attachment library if you need to attach it to any other email template.
    5. You can see the file name listed under attachments.
    6. If you wish to remove it click the X icon on the far right side.

    Repeat the above steps to attach up to 10 files with combined file size not exceeding 10MB.

    Add Attachments to Follow up email sequences in Gmail

  7. Set Extra Options (optional)

    You may choose to set some extra options like sspecifiying a custom name for the step to help recall what the email template content is about for that step. You can choose to assign label to Automated Follow up Response emails for easy identification or to organise emails. If you haven’t created any labels yet, you can create in Gmail interface and click Reload labels button to choose from the list. Automated Follow ups in Gmail Extra Options

  8. Almost done! Next set additional configuration and click the Create Follow-up button and done.

    We are presented with Additional Configuration options, that is would you like the Auto follow ups to stop in case a Mail is received or sent on the thread on which the follow up is applied. If you uncheck these check boxes the follow ups will sent irrespective of any email received or sent.

    Click Create Follow-up button to create your first follow up mails sequence for Gmail.
    Follow up in Gmail Additional Configuration

  9. Newly Created Follow up mail sequence is listed under My Auto Follow-ups

    From the left side bar menu Please follow the path Auto Follow-ups > My Auto Follow-ups. This should list all the existing Auto Follow-ups you have created.
    Follow up mail sequence gmail list

  10. How to Apply a Follow-up on Gmail message or Mail Thread?

    While logged in to Gmail, while you are reading any email. Please click the Auto Reply Pro Add-on icon from the right side bar. You can select an already created Follow-up from the Drop down list and click the Apply button.
    Applying a Auto Follow up to a mail message or thread in Gmail

    Once you have applied the follow up it will show the next scheduled mail step from the sequence and date the automated follow up mail is going to be sent to this contact. As you can see below the follow up is assigned exactly after 7 days as set in send after days field while creating the Follow up.

    Schedule for Follow up mail sequence in Gmail side bar

  11. How to Edit / change the Schedule once assigned in the Right side bar in Gmail.

    Now we have created and assigned a Follow up to an email. Next question is , what if we need to reschedule or skip any of the step in the sequence. We need to open the Auto Reply App to access Skip/ Reschedule / Cancel the Follow-up.

    Click Add/Manage Rules in App to Launch the Auto Reply Pro app in another browser tab.
    From the left menu follow the path Outbox > Follow-ups and you will see the Scheduled Follow-ups listed in the list with current status. Click the three dots icon on the far right in the row under current status section.
    List of follow ups in Outbox

    You’ll get Skip Scheduled Step, Change Scheduled time or Cancel the follow up.

    Edit Change Reschedule Gmail Automate Follow up mail sequence

    Let’s reschedule the timing for the first step to few minutes for now to test the automated mailing feature of the Add-on. Click Change Schedule time.

    Step 1 Change time

    Now click the text box and a clock will pop up. Select hours to adjust hours and select minutes to change minutes. Click OK when you are done.

    Change Time hours minutes for follow up gmail

    Click update for the change to take effect.

    Update follow up time gmail

    Once the follow up mail is sent, it will be reflected under the dashboard and Outbox status.

    Follow up mail sent dashboard

    The Status is also updated and visible when you access the Auto Reply Pro add-on in Gmail from Right Side bar.

    Follow up status updated under Right Side Bar in Gmail View

    We hope it is now clear to you how to add Follow ups mail sequences in Gmail using Auto Reply Pro. You can create and add more Follow ups as many allowed under your plan.