Get your basement organized with basement storage ideas that ensure zero clutter

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Basement is one of those spaces in the home that you tend to ignore most often. You either leave something there only to not remember it until a few years later. Or perhaps you are not even sure anymore about what is in your basement. No, we are not trying to scare you but be honest. What have you put away in your basement? The problem is that not many people know how to tackle the basement storage space. If utilized correctly, you can have an organized basement that does not have to be the creepy dark corner anymore.

The following storage ideas for the basement are going to help you store the proper way because organizing in the basement will ensure you can utilize the storage space properly.

Declutter your basement storage

You need to start with the decluttering process of your basement. You need to take out a notebook and write everything that is stored in your basement. Don’t assume. Just go in there and write everything that is taking up space in your basement. It is a good idea to set aside time for this because it will take time. You need to analyze to see if you still require that particular item or not. If it is something that can be used, but you don’t want it then merely donate it or get rid of the article. Think about what you want to toss and what you want to keep.

What are the items that can be stored in the basement storage

Not all items can be stored in the basement. This is why you need to make a list of things that you were thinking of storing in your basement and which ones can be safely stored in your basement. The problem with basements is that they tend to be damp which means you can expect mold to grow in your basement. For example, cardboard boxes, postcards, fabric, wood items, etc. should not be stored in the basement unless you are 100% sure that you have a dry basement. Even if you do, it is not a good idea to store them openly because it is risky.

Decorate your basement storage

The basement doesn’t have to be dark and gloomy. You can do something about that. For example, if you want to paint your basement, then you need to follow the steps carefully. You need to use water along with detergent to scrub the walls. You can clean the floor with this too. You can rinse using household bleach that is diluted. Once the walls and floors are dry, you can use waterproof along with the mold-retardant primer. For the floor, you can use epoxy paint above the primer. This will ensure there is no moisture.

Make categories for basement storage.

You don’t want to dump all the things in your basement. For that, you need a solid plan. Since you have decluttered the clutter, it is time to think about what you are going to keep in which zone. You can think of the category of items that will be stocked together. You may think about storing according to seasons too. The whole point is not to remove every item stored in your basement. You want to be able to access the item that you want. You will be able to declutter more easily with this method too. You can label the items for easy identification.

Adopt wall storage for basement storage

Do you have loads of toolboxes for the various tools that you have in your basement? Instead of piling up the toolboxes, you can keep the tools using wall storage. You can use hooks on a pegboard to achieve this whereby you can hang every tool easily. If you regularly require your tools, then this is an excellent idea because you will be able to access each of the tools whenever you wish to easily. In addition to that, you will be saving on the space that the toolboxes generally take up.

Use the right containers and shelving for basement storage.

You need to find the right sized containers for the items that you wish to store in your basement. It is advisable that you use transparent containers made of plastic to store items. This will make access easy, and you will be able to see what you have stored where. You should ensure that the containers you choose are air-tight as well. You should think about sturdy shelving that is open so that air can circulate. It makes it easy for you to view the items stored on different shelves which make retrieval much easier.

Continual sorting of items in the basement storage

When you store items, it is a good idea to do a thorough check yearly. You will be able to declutter the items that are in your basement. If you want to add items to your storage then first see what you can get rid of or what you can donate. Is there something that you did not use and probably won’t use in the coming time? Then just remove it from your basement because it is taking up space. When you sort regularly you will be able to ensure that you have only the things that you use instead of lots of clutter that makes your basement messy.

Make your basement storage waterproof.

If you want to make space in your basement so that you can hang out there, then you should put a little more effort in it. If you spot water or dampness anywhere, then make a note of it. Then try to find out the water source and why your basement is damp if it always is that way. If you are unsure about how the basement is damp all the time, then you can speak to professionals because they will be able to give you a remedy to solve the problem quickly. When the problem is solved, you can store more things in it, or you can turn it into a workshop!

Make the basement storage space smell great.

No one likes the dingy smell that the basements tend to have, but you can make your own deodorizer. You need to take a big jar that has a metal lid covering it. You need to open the lid and then place baking soda along with some drops of eucalyptus essential oil. Now you need to drill holes into the lid. That’s it! You can put the deodorizer in various areas of your basement so that it smells all good. You can do this with a large number of jars so that your basement is always smelling fresh.

Even if you are someone who has a difficult time to get rid of clutter you can use the storage ideas for basement shared above to get started. Slowly and steadily you will be able to store the things that you want to store in your basement effortlessly. You don’t want all that basement storage to go to waste, do you? Once you start organizing your basement from the foundation, you will be tempted to keep it that way always. This is why it is important to take the first step, and then the rest will be comparatively easier for you.

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