Does Planning play an essential role, while getting Organized?

plan and organize life for simplicity and healthy living

Prioritize, what matters the most to us.

Given a chance to pick and choose between any precious item like Diamonds and time, what matters most to all? By comparing stats, it seems only time appears to be the least valued as it seems to be most mismanaged by the people.

Whenever it comes to being meticulous about preparing a course of action & planning, people feel these limits freedom. Whereas the fact is, staying organized and taking a planned approach allows you a lot more freedom instead. Than being clumsy and unplanned.

Does Planning help with making life more enjoyable?

Regularly planning things in bits can play an essential role as it helps to prioritize and you know exactly on what you should spend more of your time and what can be put on a back burner. It helps you to quickly achieve goals, which gives you a sense of accomplishment as you meet them and life feels more accomplished.

Why spend hours each end of the financial year sorting and managing through all the invoices and expense statements whereas if, regularly managed appropriately and promptly you could go out on vacation.

Most time-savers are merely habits that can be quickly adopted. Take mails for or example, if you sort these as and when you have a look at them and organize your phone bills, car insurance and letters from loved ones will later result in a lot of time savings and no stress at all. However, most people do the opposite and leave these to later as these are not a priority now. However, these will be then a priority, when you need that at another point in time.

If you are planning and organizing regularly, it can help you avoid any time-wasting emergencies.

You will avoid spending time “putting out fires” as when you plan, it gives you the ability to anticipate and thus sidestep and prepare for any fire-fighting situations. If you invest some time in planning, you can avoid duplicating your efforts, avoid deadfalls, and will be well aware of what leads to wastage of your time.

Planning helps you by letting you make informed decisions, steps to make and the correct sequence. It is less stressful to prevent a fire-fighting situation, or prepare for one than to manage or be managed by one.

When you are Planning regularly, it also helps you to make decisions faster as you always have a grasp of the “bigger picture.”

When are Organized and have preplanned stuff, it gives you a better perspective of how thing interacts, and all this info gives you an edge while taking important decisions. Day by day your activities become efficient and purposeful and productive. It makes more sense when & what to do, and you stop deferring your todo tasks.

Planning well gives you a sense of accomplishment and focus., makes you feel liberated.

When you plan and organize you gain control over how you spend your time, handle situations, complete tasks, and overcome problems, whereas when unplanned these aspects instead control you. You must have realized by now that to be in control you need first to control and manage your time correctly.

Here are a few tips that can help you better plan and manage your life:

  • Start jotting down long-term goals goals by prioritizing what’s important to you.
  • Always set objectives to be met for goals, these act like milestones that will keep you motivated and happy as you reach each milestone.
  • Plan each activity that will help you achieve your objectives. Planning requires regular efforts and continuous work as you move ahead to achieve your objectives.
  • Staying organized requires planning and continuous follow-ups, there are multiple areas and of them is your digital life, comprising of files and folders on your computer. OrganizerMax makes it just simpler and takes over 80% of the repetitive tasks required to achieve a planned life and side by side helps you develop a habit of staying organized and prepared. The benefits of staying organized can be almost like living a whole new life, minus all the chaos.

Organizing Boosts Health & Happiness in life

Commonly stress is a byproduct of any event or situation that makes significant changes to your routine or regular schedule and is enough to affect your mental and physical well-being.

You might not know the cost of stress on few of the developed countries, stress drains almost $210 billion a year out of businesses— due to absence from work and lost productivity. Stress is a cause of the majority of illnesses & doctor visits.

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