Benifits of Organizing for Health, Serenity and a stress free life!

chaos disorganization effect on life and health

What are the causes of stress and impacts on our day to day life?

A handful of people might realize how Staying organized benefits your health and increases your peace of mind multifold. Staying organized helps to counter stress. Stress usually is a result of any situation or event, and do note that the event could be a troubling or joyful event. Both play an essential role in inducing stress for any individual or group. Any event or situation that changes one’s routine drastically enough that it has an effect on you at a mental and physical level, ladies and gentleman we have discovered stress. Stress is the leading cause reported from stats on employee absenteeism, insurance claims, and situations involving loss of productivity at businesses. Stress is the cause of all major and minor illness and health complications known to man and nearly 80 percent of hospital visits.

Does all events or situations, be it troublesome or joyful induce stress?

No one has the power to predict any events or situations that will occur in the near future or in the next few days, months, years which might induce stress in one’s life.

However, a little amount of stress does help one to achieve growth. But how to overcome the majority of stress and reduce it to just the right amount is the elephant in the room that needs to get addressed and that too quick?
It’s simple, take control of your daily routines by spreading them out in bits and addressing each bit like a smaller goal, which will help achieve the larger goal.

“Being chaotic/unorganized wastes a lot of your time and builds more stress compared to any other reason.”

Getting Organized and planned offsets chaos in life!

When you are Organizing it involves multiple actions like creating a clear communication mechanism, dividing chores in numerous bits, so they don’t seem like a task similar to moving a mountain, and this results in a clear focus on tasks at hand and simplifying the day to day life.

Is health a deciding factor for a disorganized and chaotic state of affairs?

Health is a major deciding factor when it comes to a disorganized and chaotic state of affairs. In some rare scenarios, people might get deeply affected by the inability to organize and could also become clinically depressed. Another cause that is frequently noticed is bouts of anger, and these all are directly or indirectly affecting the health of the individuals concerned.

Disorganization and Choas come in many shapes and forms:

  • Some people aren’t aware of how to get organized and of any techniques that could help them get out of this state of affairs.
  • Some people staying organized and focused in mind is good enough, and nothing more is required.
  • Some people are pretty organized at their workplace but not that much at home – as the workplace has predefined processes and procedures defined by someone who believes in staying organized and various tools have been implemented to support and help with staying organized.
  • So as you might have noticed, there is no single defined method or any hard and fast rule that will work for everyone to get organized.
  • Many resist following the procedures or getting into the habit of organizing, because doing so would make them lose their excuse of underachieving, or would lead to a lot of changes to there daily routines that now they are used to following for years. Also, it makes little sense to them to change the years old chaotic ways as they are so used to them that it just seems very unreal to let go of the age-old methods followed since generations. They are just more scared to lose the world of chaos as a planned world would be too predictable and straightforward for them.

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