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There are some spaces in your house that you need to declutter weekly. If you can give some time for decluttering at least once a week, you will see a whole lot of improvement take place in your house. You will start to feel different about organizing altogether too. When you clean up the clutter every week, you are getting ready to organize better. Can you imagine how long it will take for you to organize your possessions if your house is filled with clutter? A lot of time.

The key to getting rid of clutter is consistency. If you zone out and become lazy, then you won’t get the decluttered and organized house that you want. You need to work to keep your house clutter free, and the good thing is that you don’t have to spend hours doing it. When you have some time, then you can do a little bit at a time. This will keep you interested, and it will ensure that you get the work done too. When you declutter weekly, you are setting time aside for something that matters to you; an organized home. The following are some of the spaces you need to declutter every week.


What do you have in your entryway? Do you have a shoe stand and a coat hanger? Then the chances are that you see way too many shoes on the floor and way too many coats. If you have any other item, then do you feel like the items are overcrowded? When you declutter weekly, you can put the coats, shoes and other items where they belong. You should not tolerate things to pile up there because it will look cluttered and it will make your house look clumsy. The entryway is the first thing that you see when you come home so why not keep it maintained properly? When you declutter your entryway, it will look more organized.


A refrigerator is something that you should declutter every week. If you keep your refrigerator regularly stocked, then you probably need to check what you have kept in there. If you tend to keep leftover foods in various colored containers, then you cannot tell when something has gone bad. When you check your refrigerator every week, you will be able to see if the food you have stored is eatable or not. You need to check the expiration date of the food items you keep in your refrigerator too so that you can get rid of the food that cannot be consumed anymore. It is advisable if you store food in transparent containers too.

Trash cans

When you have a lot of garbage accumulated you need to get rid of it. You don’t want an overflowing bin. You should ideally clear out your trash cans as often as possible although a week is a cap. Do not let your trash cans sit in your house for more than a week without taking them out. You can check for any additional trash that is in your house before taking out the trash cans. This task to declutter weekly will ensure that you have no trash at the start of the week. You will be able to organize your house better when all the trash is in the trash can instead of all over the house.


The closet is where you keep all your clothes, but sometimes you find more clothes lying around in your room rather than in your closet. If that is the case, then you must declutter weekly. You will be able to organize your closet better. If you find that you have simply stuffed your clothes inside your closet, then put them properly where they belong. Fold the clothes that need to be folded and segregate clothes so that your closet is always organized. For example, if you want to donate some clothes then take them out of your closet and then keep them in the container for donation.

Coffee Table

The coffee table is an interesting piece of furniture because every home has one because of its understated usefulness. Since it is so useful, many people always tend to keep books, mail, and other items on it often. Before they know it the coffee table looks like furniture that has been made to hold on to random items that form clutter. Sounds like the state of your coffee table at present? Then fear not because when you declutter weekly, you will be able to keep your coffee table tidy. The benefit of decluttering weekly is that at least you will be able to attend to the clutter regularly that you keep on the coffee table and clear it out.


You should declutter every week because you want your bedroom to look clean. Your bedroom is where you sleep, where you relax, and this is how many unwanted things can end up cluttering your bedroom. When you have completed using the item, such as reading the book, then keep it back where it belongs after you have read it. The rule of thumb is to return items to their rightful place after you have completed using them. This will ensure that there is no clutter in your bedroom and you are able to organize your bedroom better. When you have a clutter-free bedroom, you will be able to sleep better.


Although the chances are that you have a lesser amount of clutter in your bathroom, you should still declutter weekly. The reason for this is that shampoo bottles may have fallen, douches might have tipped over, and you may have your makeup products near the sink area. You don’t want to leave your bathroom looking all disorganized, so it is a good idea for you to clean it up every week. You should ensure that the towels for washing are put away and you have ample storage so that you can store items there easily. This will ensure you have less clutter every week in your bathroom.

What you can take away from decluttering every week

If there is one thing that you should always remember then it is this. If you have not decluttered in a long time, then don’t beat up on yourself. It will take time for you to understand the process but once you start decluttering you will get the hang of it. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you are unable to declutter for a long time. Just remember that the spaces mentioned above should ideally be decluttered every week so that you have time to organize it. You can plan what you will declutter first and then proceed to declutter weekly.

When you declutter every week, you are dedicating some time every week for the decluttering process. Not only is this good for your house but it is great for your mind as well. Decluttering your spaces every week will give you a sense of achievement, and you will get addicted to organizing your home! This is good because you won’t let your home get cluttered as you will be tempted to clean it up right away. So much so that you will look forward to the decluttering process every week for a cleaner, tidier, and more fantastic organized house!

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