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A personal health record (PHR) should not be confused with an electronic health record (EHR). A PHR is the medical health record that is in control of the individual whereas the health care provider maintains the EHR. A PHR is a more comprehensive health record since it has information from various different sources. That being said, there are numerous benefits of having a personal health record. They are as follows.

Simple and easy to use

One of the benefits of having a personal health record is that it is easy and you can use it to document everything that is required regarding your health. This helps to ensure that you always store all the important medical information about yourself at all times. It also provides a foundation through which you know about your health and how you can improve it.

PHR helps you stay organized

If you were to document everything regarding your health it can become complicated pretty easily. However, with the help of the PHR, it becomes quite effortless for you to stay organized about your medical details. You will notice that you can more easily stay organized and up to date about your health.

Save money

This is one of the monetary benefits of having a personal health record. You can save money when you have a personal health record in place. Since the procedures and treatments regarding details of your health are performed already, you will be able to avoid the procedures that are not necessary at all for you particularly. This can help save you a lot of money.

Instant information retrieval

The best thing about a personal health record is that information is readily available by you. Hence, whenever there is a requirement for certain information, it will be quite easy for you to give that information. Whenever there is an emergency, or you are required to go to a new doctor, you will have all your medical health information at your fingertips.

Have more control

A personal health record is in your control, and this is one of the best benefits of having a personal health record. You can continuously monitor your health record, and this can help you get an overview of your health regularly so that when something needs to be done, you can do it. For example, you are more easily manage any problem that you have such as chronic conditions.

Encourages entire family

The personal health record system is great to have updated information about your health. When every member of the family has their health record, it can help the caregivers understand them better and provide better care. This is why the PHR can help provide the care that is required due to all the information that it contains.

Accurate information

The personal health record has completely accurate information that you have compiled and put together. This is one of the biggest benefits of having personal health record as compared to the EHR. You will be the one who will be in charge of keeping your medical health records with you, and this is why it provides the accurate details of your medical record.

Better coordination

Sometimes coordinated care is required to treat you. This is made much easier when you have your health record. You can easily manage the information from the various health providers, and when required you can get coordinated care which can help you get better quality care.

If you do not have a PHR yet, then it is time to create one today as you can see there are various benefits of having a personal health record.

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