What should an emergency medical file contain?

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An emergency medical file is mandatory as it ensures you get proper treatment when the need for it arises. It helps to save a lot of time in the case of an emergency. It is highly recommended that each member of your family has a separate emergency medical record. This is highly useful when you are traveling anywhere and can help save your life.

Contact numbers

You should keep your doctor’s contact details in the emergency medical file. In case of an emergency, this allows the medical staff to contact your doctor directly and then proceed further after consulting your doctor. You can add other contact details such as of the hospital where you get your treatments done, the pharmacy from where you get your medications, and your therapists. It is highly recommended that you keep the contact numbers of your family members and neighbors so that they can be contacted and alerted about an emergency if ever it occurs.

Medical history

You must have all your medical history in the emergency medical file. You can have a summary of any conditions that you might be suffering from or suffered from in the past. This section ensures that the medical staff can take a quick look at the highlights of your medical condition and make decisions based on that if emergency care needs to be given. Apart from this, you should have details of your medical history such as any illnesses, chronic conditions, allergies, hospitalization, surgeries, immunization shots, etc.

Appointment history

It can be helpful for the medical personnel to know about your appointments and when last you visited the doctor if a condition got worse due to some trigger than they will be able to take action accordingly and at the right time. You should ensure that you include the prescription details as well in the emergency medical file. For example, if you have prescriptions from a doctor, then you should include those details as well. This is why the medication you are taking is important so that if you need to be given a certain medication, the medical personnel can be sure that it is safe to do so.

Communication history

You might want to include this in your emergency medical file. You can write notes of what the doctor recommended and what action you took. The communication history can be included for further information in case of an emergency. If you have spoken to your insurance company, then you can have communication details regarding that as well in your emergency medical file. This can help provide clear instructions in case you have suffered something major.

Results of tests

You need to have all the tests, exams, and surgeries that you have had in the recent past or ever in your life in your emergency medical file. Even if you had a severe injury, this should be included in the file. You must include the results of these exams and tests along with how you coped with them. If you have received results from the hospital for a test, then you should include those in the medical file as well. You can have the instructions that were particularly given so that it can help the medical staff understand what care needs to be given for you individually.

It is a good idea to carry your emergency medical file everywhere you go. This will ensure that regardless of whatever happens, all of your details can be easily found, and the right procedure can be carried out in an emergency. If you do not have one, then you should create one and ensure that all your medical details are stored in it.

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