When to get rid of clutter? Ask yourself these questions, and you will find out if it is time to declutter!

importance of establishing priorities

When to get rid of clutter? Should you start the moment you buy something new or should you wait until enough has accumulated in your home? The following questions will act as a guide to show you when it is time to get rid of things in your home that are clutter in disguise.

Do you need it?

The items that you need include important documentation and other things that you use on a regular or daily basis. There is a range of items that can easily fall into this category. You need to distinguish this from the things that you want. The question you can ask yourself is ‘can I do without this particular item?’ If you have no problem with its absence, then you don’t need it anymore, and you should start getting rid of clutter. If the answer is yes, then you probably need it, and it does not come into the category of clutter so no need to get rid of it yet.

How much do you use it?

This is another question that can help you determine when to get rid of clutter. Try to go through your belongings and items in your house. Then see if you can determine how much do you use it. Is it still new? Do you use it on a daily basis? If that item was lost then would you immediately replace it? If you would, then there is nothing wrong with having that item in your home since it is being used currently. However, if the answer is no, then you probably should either use it now if possible or give it away.

Do you have more of it?

Sometimes people tend to have duplicates of things or extra belongings. Think about all the extra stuff you have. Perhaps extra clothes which you seldom use, additional decorations, etc. Do you need all the extra things and possessions that you own? Or do you think that someone else can benefit from them? If you do have a lot of extras in your home, then perhaps it is time to get started with getting rid of clutter. You probably have a fair amount of clutter if you are someone who has a lot of extra things.

Has it run its course?

If you have been using something for a long time, do you think it is time to replace it? If you think that particular item has run its course then when to get rid of the clutter of this type? You can get a replacement of the item and then remove the older version. You can think about how long you keep your belongings for. Do you keep them forever and are they taking up space in your home? If so then you may be accumulating clutter, and you should start to declutter. If you keep things for long periods, then you will have a lot of clutter.

Are you unhappy when you see clutter?

Sometimes your loved ones can give you something that you do not particularly like. However, to respect the fact that they have thoughtfully given something to you, you keep it with you anyway. Do you have such type of items that you have no use of or that you don’t even like looking at? If you think that the person who gave it to you will be hurt if you gave the gift away, then you can store it in storage. You are the best judge to determine when to get rid of the clutter.

Getting rid of clutter will give you peace so get started today! You can begin to declutter by starting with your bedroom and working your way through your entire house. Don’t forget to make a plan and reward yourself at the end of decluttering!

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