Five time saving techniques when you feel like you have tons of work

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Time is something we all value but few can master. But you don’t have to let yourself down because now even you can save time in new ways. Are you looking for simple ways to accomplish time saving? Below are five techniques that you can use to save time today! These methods to save time enable you to save your precious time so that you can spend it on things that you truly value in your life. Once you start to save time, you will realize that you are slowly beginning to understand how you can save time in other areas.

Time saving with to-don’t lists

You know how to make a to-do list. Now is the time to think of the to-don’t list. The to-don’t list is the opposite of the to-do list since the former lists out what you shouldn’t do. For example, if you realize over time that there are some activities that are making you exhausted, then you should write these down on the to-don’t list. Another example of what a to-don’t list can contain is something that does not serve you yet eats up your time. You should not give a thought or waste time in the items mentioned in the to-don’t list because they deplete your energy.

The to-don’t list is crucial for you since it gives you time to do the things that you have mentioned in the to-do list. The to-don’t list is an excellent way to save time since you won’t be wasting time thinking about things that have no value to you. You may think that since you know the items on the to-don’t list then what is the point of writing them down. When you write what you shouldn’t do, you remind yourself of the things that you should not need your attention. This is one of the best time saving techniques.

Save time by thinking before purchasing

You see something, you like it, you check the price tag, it is affordable, and you happily purchase the item. This is usually what goes on in your mind when you buy something unless it is something that you have always thought you are going to buy. In either case, you should give your purchase some thought. Even if the item you are thinking of buying is useful, think about how long the item will last, how you are supposed to maintain it, and the space that it will take in your house or the other location where you intend to keep it.

You should know the answer to the questions so that you can then decide whether you should buy that product or not. If you buy and later regret it because it needs a lot of maintenance, then there is no point because you have already spent time buying it and bringing it home. This is why whenever you make a purchase, think about the usage and the time you might need to spend on it after you purchase it. If it requires maintenance that you don’t have time for, then it is a good idea to think about buying another product.

Ease of access to things for time saving

When you have things lying all over the place, then it will take longer for you to find them. Having them or storing them in a container will help you find them faster and it is a much better way of storing the things that are important to you. This is one of the best ways to save time because you know how much time you spend looking for that one small item that you swear you saw somewhere a few minutes ago. Getting organized and saving time is about making changes so that you can get things faster and live a better-organized life.

You can create kits for things that are similar to this wills save time when you are looking for something. You can think of labeling your containers too whereby you keep all the like items together for easy access. You not only save time in this way, but you save yourself from getting frustrated which only delays what you want to complete. Whatever you need, you should keep those items close by to where you intend to use them. Moreover, having them inaccessible places is going to be quite helpful too as it is going to save time when you want something.

Consider plans before taking on responsibilities

When you already have a lot going on, being nice and saying yes is not going to be helpful. Neither for you nor for your friend. You need to first look at how much you already have going on. If you check your planner and see that you are super busy for the next 30 days, then don’t say yes to something that requires you to dedicate time in the next 30 days. This will make you feel terrible and you won’t get your own work done. When you take up extra duties and responsibilities, you will feel exhausted and in turn, you won’t be able to do as much.

Always consult your planner before taking on responsibilities. You should allow yourself to think with a calm mind. If you rush and say yes and you feel bad saying no then you will be causing trouble to yourself and the person to whom you have said yes to. This is why spend time deciding so that you can save time later when it comes to doing the task. You can think about whether you can delegate the task to someone else, how many resources that task needs, and how much commitment is required before deciding.

Schedule and involve

This is one of the best ways to save time. When you are making schedules, you should speak to your family members, and better yet you should have a calendar. This calendar should be placed anywhere where all the family members are likely to see it. Each person can then add the important activity that they need to make a note of. Family members can add the tasks in particular that are of importance to all the family members in the house. This will help everyone to see the plans of others and to be able to see what days they have a particular activity to do.

You can make the task easier by assigning a different color pen to everyone. Each person can write with that particular color. For example, one member can be assigned black while another pink and so on. This will make it easy to understand the calendar at a single glance too. It will save you a lot of confusion that can erupt later on. Everything will be clearly stated in the calendar, and this will save everyone’s time. If it is just you and your spouse, then you can still use this method to save time.

The time saving techniques mentioned above will ensure that you can save more time and get more done. You don’t have to make complicated plans but simply dedicate time to think and plan. This will lead you to be more organized and thus save time in the process.

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