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Time management is the art of managing your time efficiently and effectively. Managing time sounds pretty easy, but when you get to it, it is something that you cannot start right off the bat. You need to be prepared because only then can you become a master of time management. People who can manage their time can organize their lives better and much more easily. You must be wondering which time management tools are required for you to manage your time. We suggest you start with a planner if you want to get organized daily.

If you want an organized life, then the following tips will help you manage your time efficiently. These time management techniques will help you make the most of your daily tasks at hand.

Get a planner and select one that inspires

To use a planner, you need to get a planner first. Don’t rush and purchase the first planner that you lay your eyes on. Take your time when selecting a planner because it is crucial for your daily activities. You should think about the texture, the color, the format, the size, the flexibility, and the features that come along with the planner. Each planner is unique and so are individuals. You need to select a planner that you know you would love to take out daily because it is something that you will be using on a daily basis.

Some people have a lot on their plate. If this is you, then you might want a planner that enables you to comfortably write all of the things that you need to get done. You might prefer an everyday sheet planner and if that is the case then don’t get a lined paper planner. You need to know what is available in the market so that you can more easily select and get the planner that you love. A planner is an investment in the right place, and so it will help you a great deal in time management.

Use only one planner

You might be tempted to write in more than one planner. Don’t make this mistake unless it is necessary. If you have one planner, then you can refer to that one planner only instead of taking two planners everywhere. Having one planner is more convenient, and it will ensure that you have the time management tools in your pocket at all times. You will be able to plan better because if you have two, then you will have to keep ensuring that no conflicts occur as you plan your day.

If you cannot live without two planners, then you can have two. Remember to separate work and personal life planning. Do not put work commitments related to planning on your personal life planner and vice versa. However, if you are required to do some work-related activity after your regular office hours, then you can put that in the personal life planner. This will ensure that you do not make personal life-related plans when you are supposed to do work-related activity during that time slot. Be careful when planning with two planners and regularly check to avoid conflicts.

Primetime for tough work

The ‘prime time’ is when you are most inspired to do things. For some people, it can be the morning time after they awaken while for others it can be at night. You should use the prime time and plan carefully so that you utilize this time to the fullest. You can schedule tough work or things that take a lot of concentration. This will ensure you can get the task completed and in a shorter period. Think about your prime time and what you can do at that time that is of most value.

The prime time planning should be done daily. Think about what you need to do and think of the most challenging task that needs to be done. Do you have to file your taxes, plan your holiday, or some other important task? It doesn’t matter what the tough task is just to ensure that you are using the prime time to do it. Don’t let the prime time go to waste without having to do anything. It is your chance to get something complicated done so you should make use of that time every single day. This is one time management skill that will serve you.

Stay away from distraction.

When you make any plans, stay away from distractions. We know it sounds silly but trust us, not many follow this basic rule of planning and getting their life organized. Getting distracted is pretty easy, and even the best of us get distracted even when we know we have to get things done. Choosing a place that ensures you can plan and organize ensures that you can perform time management at the optimum level. Do this daily so that whenever you plan, you can think clearly and make decisions that make sense.

When you are planning you need to remember what it is that you are planning. If you are sitting in front of your TV, then you are definitely going to be distracted and might not be able to focus correctly. This will lead to an improper plan that sounds bogus when you read it later. This is why invest your planning time wisely and plan in a plan with zero distractions. Sit by yourself and then plan if it is something that concerns you only. You will notice that you can accomplish more in lesser time.

Pamper yourself

Last but not least, give a break to yourself. Do it purposefully and not because you have some extra free time at hand. Whenever you plan, commit to pampering yourself. You need to relax so that you can think clearly and you have a fresh outlook when planning. Take some time out each day to relax. You might meditate in the morning for relaxation and calming down your mind, or you might choose another activity that relaxes you. Write what you are going to do when you plan.

Don’t forget to stick to your commitment to yourself to take it easy. Sometimes things happen unexpectedly, but you want a clear head to think with conviction. Similar to the other plans you have made, make an effort to follow through with relaxation each day. You will be able to work better and do things in a new way. You will be looking forward to each day when you know that you have time to unwind and rejuvenate yourself. It is a win-win situation for you, and you get to look forward to daily time management planning too!

You must realize that the time management skill is something you need to start working at. For those who struggle on a daily basis to get their life together, the use of a planner is nothing short of a boon. Organizing is not something you can merely develop in a day. You need to dedicate time to it so that you can do it easily from the next time onwards. You need to begin somewhere so why not start today? Get a planner and use the tips outlined above to plan your time management. You will notice less stress, increased productivity, and better organizing.

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