Want to know how to organize and store toys? Use these tips and tricks to organize all the toys in your kid’s room easily.

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Toys are what constitute of the most of your kid’s room, and if you have that problem, we have lots of solutions for you. You don’t have to get rid of the toys nor do you need to give them for donation to create space. The following storage and organizing tips will help you organize and store toys even if you have no experience in organizing!

Utilize wicker baskets to organize toys easily.

Wicker baskets look good and don’t cost a fortune which makes them amazing places to store all the toys in. Moreover, they are practical which makes them fantastic. Store toys in these baskets that your child frequently plays with so that they can get them quickly.

Use spice shelves for toy storage.

If you have got a spice rack for your kitchen and didn’t know what to do with the spice shelf, then add it to your kid’s room. You can use the spice shelf as toys storage!

Bunk for storage to organize and store toys

If your kids used to use a bunk bed and one of them is now empty, then turn it into storage space! You can keep the big toys there or any containers that have toys.

Keep the floor clean.

It is ideal if you try to ensure that no toy is on the floor. If it is life-size, then you can keep it on the floor but try to avoid it as much as you can. It makes your kid’s room look messy, and it will be difficult for you to clean as well.

Use recycled boxes to organize and store toys.

You can recycle cardboard boxes and hang them on the wall of your kid’s room. This can act as space where the most-used toys can be stored for easy access to them.

Transparent boxes to organize and store toys

When you want your kids to be able to find what they want, you can use clear containers to keep the toys in. This helps them to see which toy is in which container.

Book bins to organize and store toys

If you have a book bin that is empty, then add all toys to the book bin. You don’t mainly have to use the book bin for books as you can fill it with small toys or even larger ones that can fit. The best part is your kids have easy access to all their toys when you use book bins.

Label containers and drawers

It is always a good idea to label drawers so that even you know what is stored where. This is especially useful when you store toys in cupboards and closets.

Use a shoe organizer to organize toys easily.

You can use a door shoe organizer to help you keep some of your kid’s toys in there. You will be able, and organizing won’t take long either.

Store toys under the bed

You can make bed drawers so that small toys can be placed there. These can be stored under their bed easily. If the kid’s room has a big area under the bed, then you can make a bigger drawer for toy storage, and it won’t come in the way of cleaning either!

Color coordinate to organize and store toys

You need to think about color so that your kid’s room does not look cluttered. You can use the same colored containers and spaces to store toys in for a more organized look.

Utilize industrial pipe open shelf

When you want to keep some toys out of reach, you can use the top shelf to place such toys. The easy to reach toys can be placed on the lower shelf areas.

Install storage in the play area to organize and store toys

The best way to ensure that your kids will pick up toys and keep them in their designated places is when you have storage in the play area. You can teach your kids that after they are done playing they can put the toys back in their designated places.

Make a play table

You can make a table that can have storage containers below it. You can use your old coffee table for this, and it can help store lots of your kid’s toys too!

Add crates to the room to organize and store toys

You can paint and then add crates to your kid’s room so that toys can be placed inside that. It acts as an excellent storage space for cubbies and stuffed toys.

Use photo labels to organize toys

When your kids are small and cannot read yet, you can use photo labels to label the containers that have their toys. This can make storage more manageable, and it makes it convenient for them to know what is stored in which container.

Storage bench to organize toys easily

A storage bench acts as a place that lets your kids sit on it and as a place where you can store your kid’s toys too! This is a storage space saving idea that you can use for toy storage in your kid’s room.

Large basket to organize and store toys

When your kids love to cuddle with their stuffed toys, they are attached to them. You can ensure your kids keep their toys in that large basket where all the stuffed toys can be placed.

Use interesting bins to organize and store toys

Kids love décor, and when something is interesting, then they are more likely to use it. Get bins that have wolf ears or cat ears so that your kid loves to become organized and keep their toys where they belong instead of all over the room.

Boxes that are easy to open

Whenever you are choosing any closed container or box, ensure that your child can open them. This will encourage them to use the container without feeling fearful.

Make use of the closet space to organize and store toys

When there is lots of closet space, which is the case with kids rooms, then you can store toys in there. This can help alleviate the problem of toys being all over your kids’ rooms and help your kid’s room look more organized all the time.

Built-in shelves to organize and store toys

You can use built-in shelves to put some small toys in your kid’s rooms. The shelves won’t be protruding, and this will save up on storage space in your kids’ room.

Don’t store toy packaging for better organization

Many people make the mistake of storing the toy packaging too. Don’t store the toy packaging as it will only take valuable space in your kid’s room. You can get rid of any toy packaging that is not required to store the toy further.

You can now effortlessly get started to organize toys easily! No more toys all over the place because they will be neatly organized in your kids’ rooms with the help of boxes, shelves, and containers. If you are sick of clutter in your kids’ room, then the tips outlined above will help you minimize the clutter that is always prevalent in your kids’ room to make it look neat always.

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