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You can organize a desk in multiple ways. We are going to show how you can organize your desk with ease so that you can maintain it that way for a long time. There is nothing really big required. All you need is some commitment to get started and the willingness to keep your desk tidy! The following tips will ensure that you can store the items on your desk properly so that you can be super-productive.

Limit what you keep to organize desk

We are all tempted to keep all that we want on the desk. But the problem is that it is easy to get carried away and start keeping things we never even use properly. You can easily find things that you never use on a desk because you brought it there by mistake. And then it ends up staying there because you leave it there. Either you can keep the unneeded item back to its proper place, or you can keep it in a clear container for putting it back at a later time.

Use a clear tray to organize desk

If you have small things taking up your desk space, then you should try keeping them in a clear tray as you will be able to see what you have kept in the tray. Whenever you have anything on your desk, it is a good idea to use either baskets or clear trays so that you can see their contents with ease. This makes organizing desk much easier as you will be able to easily know what you have stored in which place and you can find it easily in this way.

Dividers in desk drawers to organize desk

Don’t forget that what you keep in your drawer matters too. You need to keep the desk drawers organized at all times otherwise you can easily create a mess there. You can use desk dividers to accomplish this task as you will be able to see what is stored in each area. This can help you keep the small items in place without losing them or without crowding the clear tray. It can help keep things off of your desk which is great.

Get rid of something to add something to organize desk

When you have a big desk, you might tend to keep more things on it even if you immediately do not need these items. In such a case, you can do one thing to help keep yourself in check. When you get an additional item, you can get rid of the older version of it. For example, when you get a new pen stand, it is time to say goodbye to the older one. When you do this, you will balance the number of things that are occupying your desk.

Floating shelves to tackle with things to organize desk

When you have a lot of things that you cannot banish from your desk, then it is a good idea to use floating shelves. These help you to keep all the items that you wish to keep without ever cluttering your desk. In this manner, you can make use of the desk space while having everything you need close by. You can add some items of décor on the upper floating desks so that you can make your desk’s surroundings vibrant and lively.

Pegboard wall to organize desk

You can use a pegboard wall as this enables you to store a lot of things. For example, you can use a pegboard wall to keep décor items and plants. You can use the pegboard wall for hanging organizer items so that you can have all your stationery nearby. The best thing about a pegboard wall is that you can you can make it yourself and you can keep things as you wish with utmost ease. You can add floating shelves and whatever you want to organize your desk. This is one of the simple ways to organize desk.

Be smart about lighting to organize desk

If you have lighting on your desk, such as a lamp, that takes up a lot of space then it is time for you to change the type of light that you use on it. You can use floor lamps as these are, and you will be able to save up on the space that the lamp takes on your desk. This is one of the simple ways to organize desk since it only requires you to change the lighting that your desk has. Otherwise, you can use a smaller lamp on your desk if you don’t prefer a floor lamp. 

Storage space to organize desk

Do you generally require a lot of things on your desk and do you need them to be nearby? If so then you can use the following tip to keep the items nearby without cluttering your desk. You can make use of the surrounding storage space that is available to you. For example, if you have hooks or cubbies, then you can keep your items using these so that your desk and your drawers are not cluttered with a lot of things.

Use tacks to organize desk

Do you have a lot of paper that you can’t let go of but would like to keep close to you? Then you can tack them onto the wall close to your desk. This will ensure that the paper is not cluttering up your desk and you can still work on your desk in peace. For example, you can tack postcards and notes on the wall that is close to your desk. In this manner, these items will be close to you, and you don’t have to throw them away. 

Bulletin board to organize desk

You can make use of a bulletin board where you can stick your to-do lists and other important papers. A bulletin board is convenient and is a perfect way to stay organized because everything is displayed right in front of your eyes. This makes organization easy. You can stick some pieces of art on the bulletin board using pins if you have any on the board. This will make your bulletin board looking nice. As you do not need papers on the bulletin board, you just as easily remove them. This can help keep some papers off your desk. 

Three basket strategy to organize desk

When you are organizing your papers, you can do it easily. Just take three baskets and name each one of them shred, action, and file. Then you can keep the papers in the basket they belong to so that you can do what is necessary when you have the time to do so. This gives your desk an organized look as the papers are not scattered around but are placed in different baskets. This enables you to organize your papers which can create quite a mess when they are on your desk.

As you can see, there are several simple ways to organize the desk at your office or your home. So whether you are a freelancer or you work full time, you can organize a desk without spending hours and make it look fantastic too!

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