Organizing laundry room that is tiny is easier than you think! Use these tips for easy organization!

organize laundry tips

Do you find organizing laundry room difficult? If you are like many who have a tiny laundry room and think that you are unable to think of organizing and storage, then you are in the right place. We are going to walk you through a series of ideas that you can use to make the most of the space that is available in your laundry room. You don’t need to hire anyone to organize and help you out with laundry room storage settings anymore. You can do it all by yourself with the help of the following tips and tricks.

Baskets for laundry room storage

You can make use of small caddies that you can hang on the small wall partitions available in your small laundry room. You can keep each of the laundry essentials separate in this way. The benefit of this is that your laundry room will look organized and be organized too. This nicely utilizes the wall space that is available in your laundry room, and you don’t need to spend a lot on these types of handy baskets. This is perfect for someone who does not have enough shelf room in the laundry room to keep their laundry products.

Store items behind the door for organizing the laundry room

If you have a separate laundry room that has a door, then you can utilize this particular tip. You can keep a shoe organizer or a hanging rack behind the door. This can hold a lot of items depending on how large the door is. In this manner, you can save space and money since you won’t have to install multiple shelving units and other items for storage purposes. You can store laundry items, cleaning items and whatever else you need in your laundry room. The great thing about this is that you can keep a range of supplies nearby.

Ledge for laundry room storage

You need laundry soap and other essentials which you can store on a ledge. One of the ways in which you can use the ledge is to install it above the machines. You can keep your soaps and other items there that are easily accessible to you too. You don’t have to go and get them from storage either, so it saves time. The advantage of the ledge is you do not need to dedicate any space in order to install it and use it. So if you have a laundry room that is exceptionally tiny, then this tip can do wonders for you.

Butcher block for organizing the laundry room

Want some extra storage space in your laundry room? You can add a butcher block that can help you store items on top of your machines. You can place the butcher block on top of the machine if that is possible so that you get extra space to put things that you might need for the time you do your laundry. This space-saving tip can help you get an organized laundry room even if space is limited. Just remember to keep all the important items there instead of placing clutter on it so that you are organizing laundry room to the optimum.

Pegboard for organizing the laundry room

You can use a pegboard on your wall so that you can hang a lot of items easily. You can utilize the pegboard to keep some small hanging baskets that can be used to store your iron box, laundry supplies, and other items. This will ensure that you are completely utilizing the wall that has space. Since a pegboard is flexible, you can use it to your advantage. For instance, you can use a sorting station which is attached to the pegboard whereby you sort your laundry according to fabric type.

Utilize all vertical space for laundry room storage

Do you have a lot of space on top of the laundry machines? Is there a bare wall there? Then you can use this tip to utilize and store all the laundry supplies and another décor. You can have cabinets and cupboards along with open shelves that are lined above your machines. You can then store your laundry related supplies there so they are easy to reach and you have a lot of storage space at hand. You can add some décor to the open shelves if you want to add a touch of color to your laundry room.

Manage your bottles for organizing the laundry room

The laundry bottles and cleaning supplies often come in large and bulky containers. You don’t need to store these in your laundry space because they will take up a lot of space. You can transfer them to jars and label them accordingly so that it is easy for you to distinguish. This will help you lessen the storage space that the supplies take and you will have the liberty to organize your laundry room in a much better way. Otherwise, you can use a larger jar for your detergent because you use it the most and you can use smaller jars for the other supplies.

Drying racks that tilt outwards

What if you do not have a tiny laundry room but instead have to do the laundry in your bathroom? In this case, the drying rack can help you out. You only need walls for this. You can install the drying rack on one of the walls where the rack tilts out. You can keep your clothes there easily, and it makes drying convenient. It does not take a lot of space either which means you can make good use of the space that you have in your bathroom. The hinges ensure that the rack does not come in the way and you can easily close it back when it is not required.

Built-in ironing board for organizing the laundry room

You can have a built-in ironing board that looks more like a closet which is completely hidden. You can make it such that the ironing board is completely inside the closet space when it is not in use. You can pull it out and use the ironing board whenever you want with ease. You can ensure that there is space made above it to store the iron box. This will save space, and you can iron your clothes in your small laundry room easily. The closet door can be used to stick your to-do notes, and you can keep some supplies for that in it.

Make use of odd corners for laundry room storage.

When you have odd corners in your laundry room, you can place furniture in that space. For example, if it is possible, then you can keep a bookshelf in that space so that you can sort out your laundry. You can use the bookshelf to keep storage items such as cleaning and laundry materials as well if sufficient space is available. You can get furniture from your other parts of the house that you are not utilizing and which can fit in the small laundry room. You can then keep that piece of furniture in your laundry room. Just ensure that it is not taking up all the space.

You can now tidily set up and spend time organizing the laundry room without any problems! Now that you know how you can organize with ease, you can make sure that all your laundry essentials are stored in the laundry room itself.

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