A step by step guide to organizing the closet in your lovely home

organize closet tips

Do you always find it impossible to organize a closet that belongs to you or others? Then you can use the following guide to understand how you can effectively organize the closets of your entire home without going insane.

Where are all the clothes?

Admit it. Your clothes are not always inside your closets only. You might have some in your bedroom, some on the chair, some stored away in the attic, and so on. Many people have a tough time parting with their clothes, and that is not good news. It only means you have a lot of clothes clutter in your home. The first step to organize a closet is to know where you have stored your clothes. You can go around the house and write down where you have stored particular items of clothing.

When you are doing the survey, you need to keep in mind the following things. How are the clothing items currently being stored in your house? Are they adequately stored in the places that they are presently in? What are the types of closets that can hold each member’s clothing items? Can you store some items of clothing of the entire family together? How can you store the seasonal clothing items? You can brainstorm ideas about these as you are looking at where your clothing items are currently stored.

Where should the clothes be stored?

When you organize the closet, there is one thing that you should always remember. Don’t store everything in your closet because your closet will look quite cluttered. You need to think about what clothes you are going to store where. Think about the number of outfits for different categories. This can help you take a look at where you can potentially store the clothes and how you can store the clothes. For example, think about storing clothes that you rarely wear in your attic closet. In this manner, you can decide where to store the various clothes.

How many containers or shelves do you need?

When you are thinking of storage, you need to be clear about how you are going to store the clothes. You can think of using containers or shelves or cupboards. This would depend on the clothes and the members of your family. This step is all about thinking of how the arrangement of the clothes is going to be. For example, you are not going to dump all the clothes in one shelf or container. You want to separate the different categories of clothes so that you can more easily retrieve them. You can think about the storage options according to the frequency of use.

The main aim here is to think of ways to ensure that the clothes are not taking up valuable space in your home. This is why when you think of the storage arrangements, you can organize the closet better. You can think of the number of closets in your home and how efficiently they are being utilized at present. You can then make changes accordingly so that you can decide what you can do to eliminate wastage of space. You can collect the items you require for storing your clothing items in this step too.

How to organize closet efficiently?

By this point, you are clear in your mind about what you are going to do with the clothing items that you have. You can now start to organize closet; one at a time. To do this, you need to remove everything that your closet is holding at the moment. Take out every last thing that it has and put it on your bed. Your closet should now be empty. This will give you an idea about the storage space that is available in your closet. When you have all the clothes, and other items, out of the closet you will be able to decide what to do with them.

Examine each item that you have removed from your closet and try to see if it is alright to be worn. That is, you need to determine whether each item in your closet is worthy of being worn or something needs to be done about it. For example, do some of the clothes need to be ironed or sewn? You can divide all the clothes into three piles; clothes that are good enough to be worn, clothes that you need to get rid of any clothes that need some adjustments or need some work to be done on them so that they can be worn.

You can have separate containers for these clothes for easy organization. You can get rid of clothes that either has stains that are permanent or have lots of tears. You can get rid of clothes if you don’t like the color, don’t fit you anymore or are out of style. You can donate the pile of clothes that come under this category or give them away to people who would appreciate them. The clothes that you need to do something about keep them in the area where you can see and get reminded that requires action. For example, keep them in your laundry basket if they need to be washed.

How to rearrange the closet?

When you organize the closet, first clean it all up. You don’t want to dump back the clothes that you took out. You want to clean every corner, rod, shelf, etc. Once you have cleaned everything, you can then start to keep the clothes back. Don’t randomly place them in your closet but do so after you have examined and analyzed every item. For example, make sure that you are going to use the item of clothing that you are putting in your closet. When you rearrange, ensure that the regular use clothes are easy to reach and view.

After you are done clearing up your closet and rearranging, then you can start rearranging other closets. Do the same and if possible, then keep the same type of items in the same containers or baskets for donating, etc. This will ensure that when the time comes to do the required action, you have all the containers with you and you know what you are required to do with each of the containers.

What to do after decisions have been made?

Now is the time to get to the action. You can use your planner here and determine when you are going to complete the tasks at hand. If you have a pile of clothes about which you have not decided yet then this is the time to decide on those clothes. You can write in your planner about when you are going to be getting to giving to charity, give clothes for dry cleaning and so on. You need to specifically determine the days when you are going to do the required activity. You can set aside a day for doing laundry, ironing and other activities.

You can see that the task to organize closet does require you to commit to getting things done. However, by setting time aside, you can organize all the closets in your house easily. You can set aside different days each week to do different activities so that your closets are always organized.

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