Is it possible to declutter in 15 minutes? Yes, it is and here is how you can become a master too!

Declutter quickly

The biggest excuse that most of you give when it comes to decluttering is that you don’t a lot of time at hand to dedicate to the process. You are busy doing this and that. Before you know it, the entire year has gone, and you are still wondering how you did not find time to declutter your home. If you cannot find things or are finding it difficult to add new things to your home, then it is probably time to declutter your home. You don’t need to take a leave from work don’t worry. All you need is 15 minutes. Yes, you can declutter in 15 minutes!

There is an excellent benefit of decluttering in 15 minutes. Firstly, it is not asking for a big chunk of your time, so you do not need to cancel any plans to declutter. Secondly, you will be more interested since you can declutter quickly instead of racking your brain and spending a lot of time to declutter. Thirdly, you will be able to clear out the clutter in a short period which means you can declutter every day or every week depending on how much time you have at hand. You will be more productive, more space, and you can find things quickly too!

How to declutter in 15 minutes?

To declutter in 15 minutes, you can follow the tips that we have given below for each room.


  • You can declutter in 15 minutes a week! The first thing you need to check is your countertop. Are there way too many items that have ended up there but don’t belong there? Take a basket and put all the items in there then later put them where they belong.
  • If you have used any appliance, then you can keep it back where it belongs. If it is just there and occupying space, then your kitchen will look cluttered and untidy. You can keep it back in the storage space you took it out from for a clutter-free kitchen.
  • You need to check if the jars and bottles in your kitchen are stacked tidily. You can spend some time to straighten the shelves too. If not, then do that. You need to check your refrigerator and ensure that all fruits are together and same with the vegetables.


  • You can declutter quickly by spending only 15 minutes in your bedroom area. You need to ensure that your night table does not have any unrequired items on it. You should ensure that it is neat and tidy. You can clean the surface by putting away any unneeded items.
  • If you have your clothes to fold or give or washing, you can put them separately in two baskets. When clothes are all over your bedroom, it gives your room a cluttered feel. You should remove any coats and big clothing items so that they don’t take up space in your bed anymore.
  • When you find anything related to work, you need to keep it away in the designated place neatly. Don’t let your work-related things occupy your bedroom space. You can tidy up any jewelry items that might be lying on your table or your dresser too.


  • You have the power to declutter in 15 minutes. You need first to take the coats, hats, and jackets that are in your entryway back to the closets they belong to. Don’t leave them in the bedroom but ensure that you keep them directly in the closet.
  • When you are putting the coats, jackets, and other items back to the closet, then you need to check the pockets. Chances are you will find something that belongs to the trash there. Throw away the unwanted things to declutter quickly and keep the other items in designated places.
  • You are likely to find shoes thrown in the entryway because when you come home, you can’t wait to come inside and relax. Put away any of the shoes that are out of place and keep them in the shoe stand properly. This ensures your shoes are not obstructing the entryway.


  • You can declutter in 15 minutes because there are not many things in the bathroom. You can start with tossing away dirty towels or clothes for washing into the laundry basket. This will ensure that none of the unusable items are lying about in your bathroom.
  • Do you tend to get dressed and get ready in the bathroom after a shower? Then ensure that the items you have left out here are taken to their rightful place. This will ensure that none of the other room’s stuff is in your bathroom occupying space.
  • It is ideal that the things that you use in the bathroom are neatly stacked up without toppling over each other. You should ensure that the cap is tightly closed off each of the items in your bathroom so that there is no leakage of products such as shampoo and conditioner.

Living room

  • You can declutter in 15 minutes even if you have a lot of items that are available in your living room. Your living room is where you relax which is why you can find a lot of random things here such as books, DVDs, magazines, catalogs. You can keep them at their designated places.
  • If you have kids, then you are likely to have toys lying around in the bedroom, and if you have dogs, then you might have chew toys in your living room. You should separately pick these up and then put them in their usual place of storage.
  • When you find paper items that you no longer need then keep them in the recycle bin right away. This will ensure that you are not cluttering your living room unnecessarily. If you want to donate any books so that someone else can read it too then put it in the donation box.


  • You can declutter in 15 minutes daily so that you don’t have piles of paper lying around and creating clutter in your home. You can recycle paper that you no longer need so that it is not catching dust in your home.
  • You need to tackle the mail every day so that you don’t have a lot of unopened mail at the end of each week. You can spend some time to see which one is important and which one is junk mail. You can recycle the junk mail to declutter quickly.
  • If you have mail that needs for you to reply or do something, then you can set it in a different basket. You can then attend to that basket when you have time and take appropriate action when you get time.

Now you know how a little portion of your time can enable you to declutter in 15 minutes! You don’t need to be an organizing genius. A little bit every single day goes a long way. Be committed, listen to your favorite songs, and declutter away. You will notice a sense of peace overcome you when you declutter each day. You can organize after you declutter and trust us when we say it is going to be easier than ever. When are you planning to start the process to declutter quickly? You will feel extremely proud of yourself for sure!

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