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While working from home is a boon to many, it does come with its fair share of woes. Interruptions at home are of a different kind, and this is why you need different ways to manage interruptions when working from home. If you are having a difficult time managing interruptions and distractions, then the following tips can help you out. These easy to use tips ensure that you can keep interruptions at bay and show you how you can ensure distractions don’t interrupt you for too long.

Work according to a schedule

You need a schedule. If you haven’t made one, then make one right away. You know what all you have to do to make a schedule after assessing all the factors you need to think about. Then once you have made the schedule, you can work according to that. When you have a solid plan that you can follow through, it makes it easier for you to focus and get less distracted. You can set priorities as well which will make things easier. If you are working on multiple projects, making priorities first.

Know your distractions

You need to have a thorough understanding of what honestly distracts you. Does the slightest sound distract you and throw you off? Or are you a focused person who can focus even if construction work is going on right beside your home? You know yourself best so try and think about how you get distracted. You can then think of ways to eliminate each distraction or try to work your way around it so that it does not disrupt your schedule. This will help you manage interruptions when working from home as you will know what to do when you are interrupted.

Deal with pet distractions

Do you love your little doggy? But has it been a constant interruption every time you sit down to work? Does he put his head on your lap signaling he wants to play? If this is the case, then you can efficiently manage interruptions at home like these. When you have a dog, you can calm him down by ensuring that he gets lots of exercise before you sit down to work. You can keep him busy by giving him a chew toy or a bone so that he is busy with that and you can get back to your work. This is a win-win for both of you, and you won’t be distracted any longer!

Manage technological distractions

The phone beeping, getting a pop-up when you are working, and lots of such technology-related distractions have become common. The good thing about these types of interruptions is that you can do something about these. You can ensure that when you are working, you do not permit any distractions. It is a good idea to turn off your phone or keep it on silent. You need to be disciplined about this because it is the only way you can manage interruptions when working from home. You should try not to do anything on your computer or phone that is not directly related to your work.

Play music to manage interruptions at home

Did you know that music can soothe you? At times, if you are not feeling enthusiastic or you are getting distracting thoughts, you can put on some music while you work. It is better that once you are in the flow, you should turn off the music if you do not require inspiration any longer. Else you can have it playing in the background while you work. You can try this out if this is possible in your line of work. You can put it on low volume so that it doesn’t become another distraction!

Create a home office

You need a separate space where you can work in peace. If you do not have a home office, then you need to designate a space which is a place where you only work. For example, you can use the extra room in your home, or you can designate a place where not many can interrupt you. This is one way in which you can manage interruptions when working from home. When you have a separate space, which ideally should not be your bedroom or the couch in the living room, then you are less prone to get distracted and interrupted.

Let others know about your schedule

One easy way to manage interruptions at home if your family is interrupting is to ensure that they know your schedule. Have you communicated clearly with them about your schedule? If they still seem to miss out, then you can stick your schedule on the door of your home office. If you do not have a home office space, then you can keep the schedule in a place where you know everyone is going to see it. This will ensure that your family knows that you will be busy at a particular time. This will help keep interruptions from family at a minimum.

Manage housework before work

One way to manage interruptions at home like these is to ensure that you finish housework before you sit down to work. If you are the type of person who is easily distracted by housework, then it is a good idea to complete it before you start your work. This will ensure that you are not thinking about unfinished housework while you are working because it will distract you. If you think that you have a lot of housework, then you can delegate it to other members of your family, or you can schedule time such that you can complete your housework and your work.

Unexpected interruptions

There are times when it is not your family or dog, but something outside that can be interrupting you. For example, you have unexpected visitors such as your relatives or your friends. At such times, it is a good idea to tell the visitors that you are busy when you are working. This will ensure that you are not feeling guilty for leaving your work to entertain these visitors. Moreover, if it is someone you know, then you should make it clear that they should let you know before dropping by since you have a schedule to follow. Being honest and clear is the best way to ensure they don’t interrupt you in the future.

Take breaks

As much as you love your work from home schedule, it is a good idea to take breaks. Sometimes, if you are distracted, then you can take a break if you are unable to get back to work immediately due to the distraction. This will allow you to focus better when you get back to it a while later. Otherwise, you can take little breaks now and then so that you can get back to work with inspiration. Ensuring that breaks are a part of your schedule is a good idea because they are helpful to ensure that you can work efficiently without getting exhausted. You can attend to interruptions during these breaks too!

Manage interruptions when working from home with the tips above and you will be a pro in no time! Don’t forget to try to control whatever you can and to try to manage whatever you cannot control.

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